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Where my story starts

When I was diagnosed with ME in June I felt like my life was over. The doctors told me that they could do things to manage it but not cure it and as an active 17 year old student the thought of having to deal with this exhaustion all the time was crushing. I felt like everyone would pity me and treat me different if I told them so I kept it to myself. Only my mum knew and she did her best to help me keep it together and keep as active as I could. Then september I met the most amazing guy, we went out of an evening 3 nights in a row, on the 4th night I had to tell him I couldn't come cause I was exhausted. He asked me whether it was something he'd done and I explained about my condition. The following day he turned up with a bunch of flowers, an excersise and diet plan and the biggest smile on his face. He'd been online and found out the best ways to help me live life to the max. We've now been together 3 months and are still going strong. Since that day I have realised that just because I suffer from ME doesn't mean my life is over.

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Aw, bless! That is such a sweet story. It's good to know there are people who understand and can accomodate our illness.

Wishing your much happiness.


Wow, that really is a touching story. How sweet of him to try and understand your situation. Thanks for sharing!


He is obviously a very special person and likes you a lot. That is wonderful that you have his support as it can be very difficult to be young and have no friends who understand. I hope that everything works out well for you. One couple I know had to wait years to marry, as she was too ill to plan a wedding, or sort things out in order to move forward.

May you go on well.


Thank you all


My heart goes out to you my husband got this illness when he was 30 something and he is now 49 and that was hard enough but this in your teens when life is only just beginning for you must be awful,but its great to hear you have meant someone who is so understanding of this awful illness and i am so glad to hear you have not given into this and that you are trying to live your life to the full


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