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 Hi there im new to the site xx I've had a rough few months I have had chronic fatigue and swollen lymph nodes I've been to hospital weekly over the past 2 months for tests they thought lymphoma but I've had all clear thank goodness xx but I'm still left with night sweats exhaustion lymph nodes and am suffering with depression x I haven't been diagnosed with CFS but am being referred to a doctor at Newport who deals with this area x I've taken 2 months off work and at this moment don't know if I can ever go back ! I've also got hypothyroidism I take 175mcg thyroxine daily and also see sertraline for anxiety and depression... does any of this sound familiar cos I feel at my wits end and if I didn't have 2 lovely teenage girls I'm not sure if I would still be here ! All the symptoms came on just before Xmas but I've had thyroid problem for 20 years 

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I'm so sorry your having a rough, it's so frightening and depressing when you are ill and don't know what's wrong. 

2 years ago we went to France, when we returned I started a new, very stressful job. Within 3months I had chronic fatigue, dizziness, swollen glands, brain fog, visual problems, "depression", I couldn't walk or talk properly, I honestly thought I was mentally ill. 

I stopped working sept 2014 and had a horrific year trying to a) find out what was wrong with me b) trying not to give into my suicidal thoughts c) trying to managed what I could do, against my families expectations. 

Eventually, after a year of being ill, I was diagnosed with CFS and POtS and since then have started my painfully slow, road to recovery. 

When I initaly became ill, I was terrified I would lose my career (and I did), I was terrified I had a terminal illness (which I didn't), I was terrified I would lose my family (which I didn't) and I was terrified people would think I was making it up (now realise should not of cared what others thought). 

I now realise for all my stress and worry, that these conditions I had developed, were real and we're here to stay. The quicker I accepted the conditions, my new limitations and took the pressure and worry off of myself, the quicker I seemed to heal. 

At times the situation was very bleak, painful, scary, sad and hurtful, but there is light, I promise.

After losing a career that paid over £50k per year, that I adored and had worked 15 long years for, I didn't want to carry on with life and upon reflection, was my lowest point. 

However, I decided if I was going to be stuck at home, I was going to study counselling and food intolerance testing. This distracted me from how ill I felt and gave me a new focus. 

A year on this is where I am now. I am a qualified food intolerance therapist. I am a qualified counsellor. I am able to go to water aerobics, Pilates and swimming on a weekly bases and also use a rowing machine daily. I can now go for short walks with my family and look after my granddaughter for short periods of time. 

All of these things I can do now, sound tiny, but when you've been so poorly they are a massive achievement and I continue to improve daily. My cardiologist believes that I should be back to a reasonable standard of health by the end of 2016.... Yippee!

I know it's so very scary, but try and take the pressure off of yourself, try and listen to your body, if your glands are swollen, the try to figure out what is causing them (mine was food and heat), try to make yourself as comfortable as you can while your body goes through this awful journey, because for all the worry you will still go through it. 

Try to have some nice times (like drive to the seaside, sit in the garden listen to the birds, listen to your children laughing and focus on making this a journey you're going along with a rather than fighting. 

Know that you won't get better overnight, that people will let you down, that it's ok to feel how you feel and that there are people who can let you know, it does get better!!!

Stay strong and smile lots xx

That is a very interesting history. So good that you are improving. What part of the UK do you live in? I'm in South Wales near Cardiff.


I'm in Southend in Essex. 😊 

Hi I live in south wales x thanks for ur messages I hope ur all having a nice weekend xxx 

Possibly your thyroid is under medicated, I suggest you post this in the thyroid uk community too. Even when results are OK on paper we can still suffer horrendous hypo symptoms 😊

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