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Protein increase help anyone?

Dear all

I won't go into my history for fear of boring you all but the Drs recently ruled out hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia and can't find anything wrong with me despite exhaustion, aching etc. and are considering referring me to a CFS clinic if my next blood tests are all clear. However I have found that massively increasing my protein intake daily seems to have a significant impact on my symptoms. If I have a whey shake and a bar, it adds 50g of protein to my normal daily diet and the next day I feel much better - lifted mood, more energy, little if any aches etc. My diet is good as is, with plenty of protein but adding at least another 50g seems to do something. Does anyone else find it helps or is it a sign of something else wrong with me? Is there a condition that stops my body processing protein correctly or something? I can't keep doing this as whey protein flares up my IBS but for now it is certainly helping.

I grew up with a mother who had ME for a number of years and whilst some symptoms such as fatigue, achiness etc are similar, I do not believe I have what she had. I am therefore keen to explore options before attending a CFS clinic. BTW anyone had any success at such clinics? My Dr seemed to think they were a bit of a waste of time...!

Many thanks


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Hi Steve, I too suffer with fatigue and by chance noticed that when I eat protein in the evening the following day is so much better for me..... so yes I think there is something in it.


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