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my wife aged 61 has acute osteo arthritis in her left knee.a specialist confirmed this but stated that she is too young to have a knee replacement operation and that this operation is for old people who will sit in front of their fires waiting to die,his words not mine! has anyone out there had this operation and how did it go?I am disabled and my wife is my carer,watching her struggle with her pain and lack of movement and also me is slowly destroying me!has anyone out there got any advice.

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  • The knee operation is for people who need to get mobility back ask to see someone else my brother-in-law is in his fifties he waiting to go in for his knee doing

  • you hit the nail spot onI need my wife to be well again,its not being selfish,its watching and listening to my wife planning our garden which she adores,she has done everything from block paving to fences.I know how much its hurting her when she cannot get stuck in!

  • I'm in a similar position to you. My husband is my carer and he is on the list for a new knee. He is also 61. It has taken a few years to persuade the consultant to push ahead with this but finally (after several years) he has reached the point where they both agree there is not much choice but to do it.

    The problem is, depending on exactly what the issue is with a person's knee (and I mean in detail, not just OA or RA etc), depending on how complicated the operation will be, depending on how the person will use the new knee and so many other things, at the moment they can only do on average two knee operations and each one will last around about 15 years. Some are unlucky and will only be able to have it done once others may even get three but they don't know before hand. That is part of the reason why the prefer to leave such an operation until as late as they possibly can.

    On the other hand, most patients I know say they would rather have the knee as soon as it needs doing and get better use out of it whilst they are still reasonably fit, than wait until they are so old and unfit that it won't be of much use to them any way.

    I guess the trick is trying to come to a happy medium with your consultant. But as Brendanaylor says if you feel you are hitting your head off a brick wall with this then I would ask for another opinion.

    Personally I don't see the point in waiting until everything else is so old and decrepit that having a new knee is pointless. Sorry to be so blunt but that's just my opinion.

    Gentle hugs, 😃

  • dear Margaret,thank you so so much for replying ,we see my wifes consultant again in 6 months time.I think I know what my wife will want done.thank you once again,its nice to know that we are not alone!god bless you and gentle hugs to you and your husband!rob otherwise known as tobby1428.

  • actually most operations that are counted as elective surgeries seem to be put off for as long as possible solely to benefit the balancing of the trusts books . my friend in his early fifties has just had one of his knees done unfortunately there were complications. leaving such ops for too long will always cause more problems for you. make as much fuss as you can till they give you the op you need because long term mobility problems will lead to other health problems as your body tries to make up for any weakened parts. your physio will have experience of this. best wishes .

  • thank you my friend!this is exactly what I was thinking!thank you once again!

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