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I was denied ESA after being on incapacity for 16 years with cfs/fibro. I was told by my jsa man, to ask my gp for a new illness sick note?

Has anybody else come up against this in the benefit changes? The jsa advisor did not know what to do with me, due to my limited capability to work. I have to pace, & rest during the day.

So basically he told me to ask my doctor to come up with another illness as you cant get ESA for same illness within 6 months.

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If you have the benefit of a cfs support group, they may have workers who can help you and reprisent you for the correct claim. At least your g.p. could refer you to an cfs clinic where they might be able to help support your claim?? Hope this helps.


Look up and see if there is an M.E. Support Group in your area. I am a volunteer with am M.E. Support Group and I assist people to fill in their applications and attend face-to-face assessments with them. Or you can contact a national M.E. Group and maybe get help from their Helpline? Don't be put off. It is possible.


Absolutely unacceptable. You may need to get a doctor to give a compelling testimony of your condition, but absolutely don't let the benefits people deny your right to ESA if you need it. Find Action for ME org uk and look for the guide for ESA forms. Write detailed accounts of each problem you have rather than ticking boxes. Get further help with the process if you need it. Good luck.


If you live in Edinburgh then you can go to the advice shop on south Bridge for help. They are very good. I suspect that your first course of action is to appeal the ESA decision.


Hi there. Sorry to hear you are struggling with being pushed through the one-size-fits-all system. When I was initially denied ESA I appealed and with the help of my local disability charity won my appeal. It was a painful experience though.

Since this, I have decided to go back into education. I am currently attempting to do a PhD which I can mostly work from home and be somewhat flexible in managing my hours. I also get transport to uni covered by Disabled Students Allowance. I don't know what I'll do when it comes to working but I am so glad that I am doing something constructive at the moment.

My CFS has slowly improved as I have been studying. It took a lot of ups and downs though. I don't know how the workplace would cope with providing such flexibility and sick leave. Have you thought of working from home or working for yourself? I hope you find something that makes you happy and keeps you healthy! L: )


you must take things to a tribunal the c a b will help you but you need to put in an appeal as soon ass possible.i have just won my fourth appeal and each time have bean left worse health wise but you have no choice when your only source of income is the dwp you should not not expect them to know about any health problems because they are not trained to truly help you. if you have me try the hummingbird foundation for M E website. they have the most accurate info i have found.


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