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Anyone using amiloride ?


My nephrologist wants me to take 5mg of this potassium-sparing prescription.

I have googled but would like your input. Anything ??? Thanks :)

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It seems an iffy experimental (unproven) diuretic. I suppose a one-time use under doctor supervision may be not terribly risky.

Your profile mentions 'healthy eating'. If you've CKD, have you dropped animal protein as a food source? (consuming animal proteins is stressing for our kidneys)

newbie1956 in reply to wbiC

Thanks wbiC, i'm 80 yrs old, at Stage 3a , weight average 118 lbs.

Blood pressure average is 120/65

Already take low dose Amlodipine , Lisinopril and Coreg.

My neph says i'm doing great, improving, except for spilling potassium.

I've never been a big meat eater, only small amounts of chicken or fish 2-3x week. I've been low on potassium and sodium for 3 yrs years and anemic.

What makes you say Amiloride is "iffy" please.

vinadhun2 in reply to newbie1956

what I have found is the following:

Amiloride is called a "water pill" (diuretic) and causes your body to get rid of extra salt and water while also preventing the kidneys from getting rid of too much potassium.

Do you suffer from high B.P.?

newbie1956 in reply to vinadhun2

My b/p is fine (low at times) Example 104/59

But i've read that using Amiloride with Lisinopril is usually not recommended, but may be required in some cases. I also take Amlodipine (all low doses)

I was hoping Amiloride would be short term but with no new labs orders til will i know? Also, if i'm losing potassium, should i increase or decrese my intake? Lol

I guess another call to neph today. Thanks everybuddy :)

wbiC in reply to newbie1956

by 'iffy' what I found on a quick look suggested it was poorly studied (no clear proof of benefit for CKD), on the other hand, no obvious red flags, either. I'd not be shy about asking my doctor what the basis of the recommendation was (eg., a specific published study that looks promising).

it's the frequency of consuming animal proteins that's especially tiring for kidneys (a longer break from proteins being digested is desirable such as weaning yourself down to somewhat larger portion just once a week, may have appreciable benefit, even better, once a month; but, adding legume or some other protein substitute would be prudent). A few times a week amounts to constant exposure to animal proteins being digested and likely impacting your kidneys (as, food takes 2-3 days to be digested while passing through our system).

newbie56 in reply to wbiC

Thanks alot, wbiC

I've been reading up on Amiloride & there are way too many potential side effects! Labs show I'm low on potassium & Neph says I'm losing some in my urine. So, until my next labs in October, I'm EATING more potassium & would prefer to use a potassium SUPPLEMENT rather than Amiloride.....

I'm the boss ...i had lentils for lunch & i feel great ...Thanks again.


bezzy in reply to newbie56

Lots of potassium in banana's. I eat one every day.

newbie56 in reply to bezzy

Thank you bezzy !

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