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Still in pain 4 years on


4 years since I had my right kidney removed, I'm actually in bed writing this post, swollen right side, terrible pain, feeling sick and no energy, I dont seem to get anywhere with gps, basically told it's affects my everyday life when in pain...

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So sorry to hear how poorly you are. If any GP is not taking this seriously then if it were me I would be changing GP - surgery if necessary. The GP should be investigating your symptoms and/or referring you to a renal consultant. Has your GP at least sent you for blood tests to check your kidney function? If so, what is. your eGFR (kidney function)? If you are so poorly that you are having to stay in bed, why don’t you ring the paramedics - I’m sure A&E will investigate, treat you and improve your situation. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water.

I also had my right kidney removed very many years ago and I have always been treated sympathetically. Good luck and do come back and let us know how you get on.

If the PCP you have isn't helping you, then you need to change doctors. If you have to be in bed due to the pain then you need to be evaluated and find out what is causing the pain. Even go to the ER if it's bothering you that much. Don't let your present doctor tell you that it is normal when you know it's not. I had to learn to be my own advocate and I think the same goes for you. See a new doctor!

Insist on a referral to a kidney specialist. I had my right kidney removed 12 years ago and apart from first couple of days post op I have had absolutely no pain at all (so it is not normal for you to have pain and swelling after 4 years). I think the other 2 posters may be right about going to A&E to have everything looked at promptly. Good luck. Please let us know of any progress.

It's certainly not normal! I had my left kidney removed. Six weeks later I felt brilliant. Please get it checked out!

31 years ago i too had thd rt kid removed. It hurt BAD for a full year. It was mostly deep muscular pain as back then i had full open surgery, incredibly invasive. I have renal colic even now, cant take NSAIDS like ibuprofen, or eat too many foods with preservatives. It did have swelling for about a year or so.

Did you have laproscopy or open procedure? You should have labs, an ultrasound, and new drs, minimum. Good luck!

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