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High creatinine normal bun


Hi there I have iga nephropathy. I got diagnosed with this last year with 1.8 creatinine. Now latest tests showed Bun 17mg and creatinine 3mg/dl.has anyone got any experience as I have heard that if creatinine is high bun is also high. Any comments please.

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No, I have not heard of that. Normally as you suggest when one is high so is the other. As creatinine is a waste product produced by the muscles and BUN is a waste product produced as a result mainly of what we are eating I have noticed that if I cut out meat then I tend to get a lower (note I said lower, not low) BUN reading and if I am doing a lot of exercise a few hours before the blood test then I get a higher creatinine reading. I would suggest discussing it with you nephrologist next appointment and they can explain why it is.

Hi Umerpk, thank you for your post and welcome to this caring forum. As rabbit01 has suggested, please discuss this with your nephrologist at your next appointment. It may help you to have a look on the following website for further information about test results-

Blood tests in kidney disease-edren.org


Are any other forum members able to help Umerpk, please?

Thank you and best wishes.

Hi Umperpk,

IGA as you know is an autoimmune kidney disease. Many factors can play a role in your creatinine, GFR and BUN and they will fluctuate.

Diet, exercise, hydration, medication will all influence these things.

I also suggest that you make an appointment with your nephrologist and go over your medications, diet as well as print out a copy of your labs, checking off any concerns and adding questions.

It is very important that you advocate for yourself and work with your medical team to obtain the best care possible for yourself; unanswered questions can create unwanted stress which is not positive.

Give your doctor a call and please reach back to us...


As the others have said, your doctor will be the only one who can truly answer this since he's seen all of your results. They have also mentioned that diet and hydration can affect your BUN levels. Generally speaking, my BUN readings are not consistent with my Creatinine readings. In other words, I've had the same Creatinine reading and my BUN is different each time. For instance, my last two readings in Jan and June, my Creatinine was the same and my Bun was 3 points different. Could be just how it was read in the lab, or maybe I was a bit dehydrated because it's really hot here right now.

Did you have protein or blood in your urine? What made them want to go ahead and do a biopsy?

I had 3.6 gram protein but after taking medication it has come down to 0. 5g.no visible blood or symptoms. I got diagnosed last year after other reports came normal but blood pressure was there 140/90 and creatinine was 1.8.interestingly back in January 2018 before being diagnosed my creatinine was 0.9 gfr 100.then I got diagnosed in September 2018 with iga nephropathy with gfr 45.now I am sitting at gfr 20 creatinine 3g/dl and bun 17.i am taking cellcept 500gram,fish oil, ketosteril, BP medicine, uric acid and cholesterol medicines.i have heard that this disease takes years to progress but in my case it is unstable.

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My doctor does not want to give me steroids as he says that this will bring on other problems. What is your opinion.

Did they ever have you do a 24 hour creatinine clearance and have you always had high bp? How old are you?

Sadly protein in urine is the first and main sign of kidney malfunction no matter how much is spilled.

BP is not always stable sometimes it normal other times its high. They always do a spot creatinine and protein test to check urine protein creatinine ratio. Right now I am strictly taking vegetable diet in the hope that may be gfr can get better. I am 38 years old.

It's my understanding that BUN levels are typically normal in early CKD. I have read that BUN levels often stay normal until kidney function falls well below 50%.

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