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High Creatinine

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I am new to this forum and I have read amazing cases of CKD and their responses.

I am 76 and my eGFR is hovering around 45 and Creatinine is 134 which is very high. I am also diabetic.

I have been following low potassium diet but my potassium level is at the higher end.

My GP has asked for my kidney scan but has not referred to Nephrologist yet.

I want to reduce my Creatinine level but have no clue and my GP is not duly concerned about it.

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I am 77 male and was diagnosed with CKD level 3, over 2 years ago. I was put on a renal diet and prescribed exercise routine by my Doctor. So far it has slowed down the progression of the disease. There are good resources on Davita to assist you. I especially find the menu portion helpful. It is good your Doctor is referring you for a scan. You have come to a good forum for support on your CKD journey.

I am 76, female and have CKD, stage 3. I have found that you can track potassium using the Davita.com site, or materials from Mathea Ford. It is a lot of work, but well worth it!

Good luck!

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Impregilo in reply to lowraind

Thank you for directing me to Davita.com.

My conundrum being any plant based food good for heart is not good for CKD being high in Potassium.

I keep a keen eye on Potassium content in my food but the level keeps hovering around 5.2-5.3

My GP issued low Potassium diet to me but following it is a struggle.I also try to drink fluid intake >1.5L/day but I believe recommended is around 2L/d

The question is , can eGFR be reversed ?

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Marvin8 in reply to Impregilo

The diet conundrum is the same for just about everybody, and once you figure out that one, then you'll find that you aren't getting enough calories. And nobody has definitive answers and will always say "best to check with your doctor". And most nephrologists can't give definitive answers either.

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lowraind in reply to Impregilo

I was diagnosed in Nov. with a GFR of 36.6 and creatinine of 1.4. I was retested in Mar. with a GFR of 54.0 and creatinine of 1.0. I go back to the nephrologist in July. and we will see if it holds. Yes, I believe it can be reversed, and am doing everything in my power to do so.

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Impregilo in reply to lowraind

That’s excellent improvement within 3-4 months. I had the impression that one can maintain the level but can’t be reversed. I was wrong then.

Then I ask you next question how did you manage that.

Obviously you have been referred to a Nephrologist and that might the key. My GP’s approach is very different.

I was only referred for ultrasound scan because my potassium crept up.

My eGFR was never discussed.

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lowraind in reply to Impregilo

Unfortunately, my first nephrologist did not help, and I am not sure the second one is going to do any better. The first one told me to stop taking Celebrex (for arthritis) and take my blood pressure every day. He later told my husband that there are so many other patients who are so much worse off, that I should not worry. Second one told me that I did not have to track my sodium, potassium, phosphorous and protein. Just keep doing what I was doing.

Well, what I was doing was educating myself and tracking what I was eating. Also increased my fluid levels. I am of the firm opinion that if, once you get to stage 4, they tell you to track what you are eating, then, if I am doing that now, I will not get to stage 4. Prevention for kidney disease does not see to exist. We have to do for ourselves and be our own advocates.

hi if you want to lower poisons in your blood you need to cut out poisons going in..cut meat..hi fat food..increase water intake and keep weight at bmi levels..and most important of all smile a lot the best medicine ever..and cut out painkillers..all the best..chris

You’re spot on in lowering poison by cutting back animal proteins and switching to plant based diet.However, there’s something else to watch , the deficiency of B12.Unless one makes up from supplements. I find quite difficult to strike a balance where to have low potassium, low phosphorus and low sodium in the diet all the time.

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