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Cystatin C test results - what does it mean?


My cystatin c result was 1.13 and most recent egfr was 49. Protein in urine: 2+. 72 yo female, no diabetes or hypertension. Appt. with nephrologist in two week. I know the egfr translates to stage 3 ckd but don't know significance of 1.13 cystatin c other than it's elevated. I have a feeling my neph. will not think I need to do anything (which is basically what she told me prior to this cystatin c test). Does anyone know if 1.13 would be considered too low to warrant referral to a renal dietician or taking other preventative measures? I need a feel for how hard I should push back if she blows off my numbers as she did at our first appt.

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Hello and welcome, I can see that this is your first post on this community. I hope you find that this is a very informative and supportive group.

This test is an alternative to the creatinine clearance blood that screens and monitors kidney dysfunction. It can be most useful in special cases where creatinine measurement could be misleading. It may be better to ask your consultant what your result means in terms of high level. The National Kidney Foundation has good information on this. at

Do any of our members have any further information for this new member please?

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Thanks for the info and link. The link didn’t work but I searched the site and found what they have posted. Just wish I could find something that explains the numbers. Will keep looking. Again, thanks for your help and interest.

You should plug your number into a Cystatin C equation calculator. Does the calculation put you at a lower or higher eGFR than the creatinine equation? More cutting edge nephrologists look at both numbers than old school nephrologists.

Dragondog in reply to Marvin8

A calculator is exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find. Googled again and found one so my question is pretty much answered. Thanks!

My Neph ran a Cystatin C test on me...he said it was a more accurate reading of kidney function because it excludes cholesteral in the equation....mine was 2.8 with a GFR of 20.....1.13 may be slighted elevated but is probably In alignment with your 48 GFR

Thanks.. I think you're probably right.

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