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IgA nephropathy



I have been diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy as I had increased levels of proteins in my urine. How to now move ahead and please tell if any treatment is available for this. My GFR is 71 at present. Please advise about diet and changes to maintain it at this level to avoid any further deterioration. Thanks

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Hi and welcome Lifemoney,

There are things you can do to slow down the progression of CKD. The best tools are attitude and education.

Here is a list of things to think about to help with diet and living with CKD.

1. Eat out infrequently. You have less control over your food choices. Restaurants use a lot of salt in their food.

2. No fast foods

3. No process foods such as frozen dinners or packaged products. Things like cold cuts, hot dogs and other processed meat are not good either

3. Less meat the better: watch your protein intake in general. Use a food tracker (Davita.com has a good one)

4. 1-2 cups of coffee/tea and use real creme not non-dairy

5. Lot's of water up to 2 liters unless told by the doctor to drink less or more

6. Incorporate more whole foods in your diet: vegetables and fruits

7. Limit alcohol

8. Cook without salt. You will get used to it and then eating stuff with salt will taste bad

9. Do not take supplement, OTC drugs or other without checking with the doctor first.

10. Take classes if available on living with CKD. There are classes on the intranet as will as maybe by your local Kidney organization


Thanks for everything and grateful to you. Will follow your advice and keep strong attitude. It will get cured one day. I trust God. He gave this and he will take it away when time comes. Take care

Hi i have iga. Unfortunately only found out at 25 gfr. Agree with the previous posters plan. I would also add to

- take fish oil

- consider using an arb or ace inhibitor as i believe that these are the best blood pressure meds to reduce protein in the urine and for keeping iga at bay

- take a flu shot each year. If those around you get the flu, steer clear. If at any point you feel like you're coming down with something, take it easy and recover.

Lifemoney in reply to Baza3

Thanks for lifting me up. Grateful

Baza3 in reply to Lifemoney

Life money if it makes you feel better since i found out my gfr has remained stable for 1.5 years through the strategies outlined above. Unfortunately i found about it too late. But at gfr 71 hopefully you can manage it so you never drop below the point where it significantly affects your life.

Lifemoney in reply to Baza3

Yes I will not let it fall. Was just lucky to get a routine medical checkup done. And later underwent Renal biopsy. Was shocked initially but now with Support of all lovely friends like you. We will fight it out together and emerge as winners.

My son was in stage 5 kidney failure when he began to use CBD oil for another issue. That was mid November 2018 6 months ago. Today his counts are normal! Our doctors are shocked, son go

My son's doctors are at Hershey Medical Center. Don't know if thi

donaldslee in reply to Cbdhappy

sorry do you mean the cbd oil helped kidney function or thats what caused him with stage 5?

Cbdhappy in reply to donaldslee

The CBD oil helped my son alot. When we started talking the oil his creation was over 400 today under 200, potassium over 500 on meds today around 250 no meds, and GFR in February 2019 (that's when we began watching GFR) was 19 today 38 and other counts look good. I've asked his doctors(Hershey Medical Center) if everything thing else looked they say yes. He dose blood work monthly. So yes I do believe it has worked for us it could work for anyone. I always felt if it didn't hurt it's worth trying! Good luck and God bless whatever you do

Don't know if this can help you but, it has helped my son lots. Yes make sure your doctor knows everything you try. I can truly s

I sent you a private message regarding this as rather long and others here have already heard my story. Each of us is different so what works for one may not work for another. Just click the Chat button at the top of the screen and you will see my message. You have a very high GFR so making changes now will certainly slow down progression and hopefully stabalize your function. It will be a lifelong change, but changes that will only make you healthier all around. :)

eGFR of 71 is fine. Kidney problems and nephropathy is usually reported when eGFR <60. What your Creatinine level? Have you had kidney biopsy?

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