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CKD and Insomnia

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I am CKD 3

Last lab GFR 57

Creatine 1.24

BUN 14

I take iron supplements for anemia.

I don’t want to attribute every single medical condition to my CKD, however it’s hard not to.

I sleep about 6 hours a night, then I wake up.

I will fall back to sleep after an hour or so. It’s frustrating.

I have an appointment in a few months and I will ask my doctor about this.

Does anyone else have insomnia?

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Oh yes for sure.

Falling asleep is easy but anything more than 3 hours at a time is rare. Usually going back to sleep doesn't take too long but it results in poor sleep most of the time.

Dialysis has probably made this worse by removing melatonin I guess

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This can not necessarily be called insomnia. You do not give your age. But as we age it is quite natural to sleep less, or more interrupted. Also people can be "short sleepers". If you are tired during the day, after a night of sleep, it could definitely be insomnia. As far as CKD being a cause. YES. There is a connection between "insomnia" and CKD. Go to In the search bar enter the words INSOMNIA CKD. The first article shown in the result will describe to you all about the connection between insomnia and CKD.

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