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Can't get an appointment with Nephrologist


Has anyone had a hard time securing the first appointment to the nephrologist? Have been referred from my GP but 2 week still no call for an appointment?

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GPs take several weeks to send a referral, and then it has to be triaged at the clearing centre, they will then write to you to contact them to either choose a hospital or make an appointment. If they refer you to a hospital the renal team will then decide when they see you. This all takes time. Also the clearing office can say you don’t meet the criteria for an appointment.

With any referral, it takes time for the GP's office to make the connection.

You may want to reach out to the office staff at your GP's office and see what progress has been made!

Hang in there and let us know the outcome!


I didn't have any problem getting an appointment from my GP to a nephrologist. The appt.. was made before I left the office of my GP. You may be dealing with insurance issues.

Agree that it possibly could be insurance issues. Those of us on Medicare face this often.

I hate to hear this as I just started Medicare.

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