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Hi my name is AJ and I was just diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD I was wondering if I maintain a strict diet will this still progress to further stages? Does anyone know how long it can take to go from stage 3-4?

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Hi there, everyone is different and it very much depends on the cause of your CKD. Do you know what that is? Anyway, for the vast majority of sufferers they will never get to the stage that requires dialysis or transplant. It’s quite possible that, with good management, you will stay at stage 3. I have been at stage 3 for at least 10 years now and haven’t got worse. The main diet tips I have are avoid salt and fizzy drinks. Limit red meat, dairy, processed foods and alcohol. Eat lots of fresh, whole foods, drink plenty of water and take moderate daily exercise. Oh and also avoid any NSAIDs (like ibuprofen, naproxen etc) and watch over the counter medication. An NHS dietician told me that, at stage 3, it’s not necessary to be really strict (monitoring potassium, phosphorous, protein etc), but to be sensible.

Very good reply. I am CKD stage 3. In my experience Doctor told me to restrict phosphorus and sodium, and the amount. Later blood work indicated needed to restrict potassium also. eGFR indicates condition has stabilized and slowed progression.

Thank You! :-)

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Thank you for your reply

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Thank you so much I appreciate that! This helps a lot!

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Well put! The key is diet, exercise and staying on top of things!

Remember are not alone!

I'm the same as you and have been really good about my diet for past 5 weeks. Drinking loads of water, cut out all processed food and seriously cut down salt also trying to avoid the foods high in phosphorus. My protein consumption us about right for someone with cos. Anyway my point is I've to have a follow up test in about 3 weeks time so I'll see then whether it's made a difference. I'm stage 3a, aged 47 and had history of bilateral ureteral reflux with repeated infections. Fingers crossed by I'm reassured by people's posts on here about the fluctuations in eGFR as mine dropped 4% in 4 weeks. Currently at 53

My kidney function is at 20. I cut out red meat fizzy drinks and alcohol .instead of talking of transplants the consultant now just says to keep up the good work my problem is igna( think that's the short version)my kidney function was dropping at 4 percent every 2 weeks

Thank you I also cut out red meat and fizzy drinks and no alcohol

That seems to be the answer. Live the life of a saint . Have a treat occasionally. But stay off the salt and fizzy drinks.

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Thank you for your response, that helped and good luck with everything 😊

I am keeping to a pretty strict diet and my gfr has gone up 20 points in less than a year, so depending on the cause, you may never reach stage 4.

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Thank you that helps!

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What's mean -- up 20 points?

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My GFR went from 34 to 54.

my kidney issues resulted from a sizable stone so my left kidney barely works. My gfr is low as to be expected. It is possible the 6mm stone was in there wreaking the kidney doctor says. It is crucial for me to keep bp low and monitor it closely. I do a lot of cardio, watch diet. All of the above things mentioned are good.

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That’s good Sally thank you

As someone pointed out, it really all depends on why you are at "stage 3". I am at stage 3 NOT because my kidneys were failing. I developed a tumor on one kidney. That kidney was removed. The day of the operation my GFR was normal. The minute the operation was over I was classified stage 3. I have 5 doctors. (gp, cancer, kindy, heart, urologist). I am amazed how they all agree on one thing. They dislike strongly the egfr process and classification. Why? Because it does not take into account the reason your creatinine levels may be high. Is it because of one kidney? Is it because of failure? The use of applying a formula based upon averaging does not take into account individuality. To simply measure creatinine, age, sex, race and then say you are at a stage, is inappropriate. It implies for example that all 65 year old men should be at a particular range. But think about that. What if one is 250 pounds and 5ft 8in, while another is 175 pounds and 6ft tall. Should their egfr be equal? Of course not. Go to the website and to their egfr calculator. In it you will find the option to measure you egfr by including your height and weight. You will find that in most cases your egfr is higher than that you have been told now. Additionally about diet. Again everyone is different. Someone mentioned they have been told to avoid too much phosphorus and another dairy. My kidney doctor has advised me to eat foods HIGH in phosphorus and to eat MORE dairy. Why are we different? Because my urine and blood tests show I am low in phosphorus and calcium. Some things are sensible primarily due to blood pressure control (most important). But here too you don't need to eliminate them, just keep them in the daily advised requirements. My doctors say such things as red meat, some processed foods, salt, etc. are okay in a diet, but NOT NOT NOT in excess. Just within the daily requirements. Monitor salt but don't eliminate it. Monitor protein intake but don't eliminate it. etc. Will it progress??? Again, as someone wrote, MOST do not progress to 4 or 5. But again we see averages. People are not averages. We are each individuals. Follow your doctors advice. They have your blood test, urine tests, ultrasounds, etc. They know YOU better than WE know you.

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Agree 1 size does not fit all and other factors should be taken into consideration.

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I agree as well; one size does not fit all.

Our bodies all work differently and GFR etc will fluctuate.

Knowledge, monitoring and common sense are key.

As does a positive attitude!

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Thank you very much!! This has helped me so much. I appreciate it!

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Wow. great share. thank u

I have had CKD for many years but was never told what it was until I was at Stage3 B. A couple of years ago I reached stage 4 which was a real wakeup call. I asked to see a dietician who advised a Mediterranean diet as the mani thing is to keep blood pressure down. I was worried because that involves quite a few high potassium foods but decided to give it a try whilst avoiding tomatoes as much as possible. I had already given up salt and processed foods. Anyway, my daughter suggested we do the Carol Vorderman detox diet together for 28 days. I had my doubts because quite a lot of foods are included that are supposed to be not good for kidneys. I was mystified by the results of this diet. I had lost half a stone and when I saw the nephrologist she announced that all results were improved and even reduced my blood pressure med by half! That was the first time in 45 years that my bp had gone down. I'm not trying to 'sell' the diet but just stating facts in my case. I now do the detox diet for 2 days a week. The hardest thing was cutting out caffeine.( Avid Tea drinker!) After 3 days on the diet I had awful head and stomach aches for 4 days but then began to feel better. The loss of weight was a bonus and the arthritis in my knees is much less bothersome. Just sayin'........!

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Thank you that is good. I will take that into consideration

I've just went from stage 3 to stage 2 so stay positive and follow the advice on here which is what I done. Reduced phosphate, potassium, sodium, sugar, no painkillers and drink gallons of eater, regular exercise which helped lose a few pounds and I've turned it around! EGFR went from 53 to 61 and creatinine from 100 down to 84!.

It took me 4 months but everyone is different.

It took me 4 months but everyone is different.

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