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My GRF is now 61ml



I've never posted on here before about Kidney's. So I need some advice.

I have 1 Kidney due to being born with MRKH. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in 2015 and I am on 100ml of Levo. I asked for a Kidney function blood test as well as a Thyroid Blood test so I had the Lot done.

I got my results back the same day - Yesterday. Now my GP wants to see me this Tuesday.

I have noticed That my GRF is now 61ml and was 74ml in November 2017

Should I be worried.......I have looked it up on the Internet which you shouldn't do and Panicked!!!

Please can someone help/advice me - I know this is not a Doctor's help line but just need to be put a ease xx

Thank you in advance

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Hi Nessakt,

See your doctor and have the results of both tests explained to you in basic terms.

Take a notebook with questions and concerns ( labs also)

I have Hashimotos autoimmune Hypo thyroid since I am 28 years old and my

Grandmother until her passing at 99. Your medication there may need an adjustment as it has gone up and then down with me and my endocrinologist increases or decreases my Synthroid dose. Infact, it was increased last week.

If you are concerned that it is connected to the kidney issue ask.

I have an autoimmune kidney disorder called membraneous nephropathy..which could be connected. Next visit to the nephrologist and or GP ( which ever comes first) I plan to ask.

It is very normal to feel frightened when you get a call to come in, but better safe than sorry.

Until the doctor tells you to be concerned, sit tight.

Remember, if you are at an office visit, it, enables the doctor to go over your labs and discuss in person rather than quickly over the telephone.

Please get back to me and let me know the outcome of the visit. I care!

Bet Xx

nessakt in reply to Bet117

Thank you Bet I will do.... xxx

Have a fab weekend xx

Bet117 in reply to nessakt

No thanks needed! My pleasure! I wish that I could do more!

Have a fab weekend as well. Do something cool and different!

Speak Soon!

Bet 🌷

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