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ckd 3A

new here--diagnosed with stage 3A--will go to kidney smart class tomorrow at Davita. interested in rice diet

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You should check your lab results before you look at a specific diet. Rice is loaded with phosphorous. There is a product on the market called Riced Vegetables and the cauliflower one is good as an occasional use in place of rice or pasta.

You definitely want to go with a kidney-friendly meal plan and if you can get a referral to a Renal Dietitian bring you last years worth of lab results and let the RD give you some guidance on what foods to avoid and which foods are good based on the results of your testing.

At your Kidney Smart class, you'll see more about the recipes available on the davita.com site. Also, be aware of your medicines. There are many meds out there that while they may help you with one health issue they could be harmful to your kidneys. Sometimes the med dosage could be an issue. Check all of your meds on drugs.com to find any interactions.

After the class, you'll have a better idea of the questions you need to ask your Care Team at the next appointment. Best of luck.


Being low in protein, sodium, phosphorus

and potassium, plain white rice is probably one of

the wisest choices for kidney diets. Listed below is

the estimate of half a cup of cooked plain white rice

in regard to nutritional value:

Protein : 2 grams

Sodium : 2 to 3 mg

Phosphorus: 11 to 45 mg

Potassium : 12 to 50 mg

Fats : 0 gm

Calories : 100 to 200 calories


All evidence to the contrary. Best of luck to you.


On my Renal diet rice is limited. I can have only 1/3 cup of rice cooked. It is part of my starch/grain group and limited to 5 servings per day in specified quantity.


That was from a renal diet site


I have no doubt, but your original post said you wanted to go on a "rice diet." To me and based on the research I've done that is too much of a "good" thing. Everything in moderation and too much of any one thing can bring your kidney's into a place where you are not really slowing the progression of CKD. It's your health and you ultimately get to make the final decision.


I have to agree that just because something is from a renal diet site, you still have to be in charge. One thing about rice is that you have to differentiate between white rice and whole grain rice. Another thing is to check sodium, potassium, phosphorus and protein content of everything. And last of all, there are recipes on the davita site that I reject because of high content of one of those items.


lowraind I agree completely. One of the positives of the DaVita recipes is that they list the contents of all the minerals in each recipe and which ones are good for those with Diabetes and/or on Dialysis. I have to be able to know how to change those recipes to make them work better for me. A steady diet of any one thing is not good.


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