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Dietary advice

Been back to the consultant and as my kidney function is dropping so quickly (it’s dropped 15 in last 6 months) and is now down to 18 so he’s starting all the tests for transplant. Just wondering though as lots of you on here mention cutting out red meat, high potassium fruit and veg etc but I’ve only read about this online I’ve never been told by any medical professional to follow this diet. All my consultant said was to follow a “heart healthy diet” so I watch salt and fat levels in foods and only ever eat lean meat anyway. Just wondering if it’s due to different conditions that you’re advised to follow these diets? I have IGA Nephropathy so as that’s the cause of my CKD I’m wondering if that’s why I haven’t got special dietary advice. Anyone else the same?

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Sadly you should have been following a kidney-friendly diet for a long time. Following a heart-healthy diet is not your prime option. I followed one for a long time and lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately, at the end of last June, I found out that I had CKD and much of what I ate in the heart-friendly diet was not good for me as a kidney-friendly diet. Some foods are good for both but believe it or not many are not. It's a strange balance you have to walk and believe me it's hard and never too late to start.

You didn't mention seeing a nephrologist but that would be a good idea at this time. As soon as you do ask for an appointment with a Renal Dietitian. Bring your last years worth of lab results with you to both appointments and follow their suggestions. Make sure you also bring a list of any meds you were on and what ones you are currently on. A good nephrologist will check to see that you are on the best meds and at the correct dosages. The renal dietitian will inform you what foods you need to cut back on to slow the progression of CKD and maintain a healthy heart and kidneys.

Good luck.



I first saw my GP and then the nephrologist. The nephrologist told me I had CKD, and that was that. After a lot of reading, I insisted on getting in to see a dietician. Still do not know if Medicare will cover it, but I do have an appointment on March 2nd.

In the meantime, I have tried to cut sodium, protein, potassium and phosphorus. Also try to drink more water. I am also considering asking to see a different nephrologist in the practice because I would like to see a doctor who is more concerned about me than the one I presently have. I am finding that, unless you advocate for yourself, you do not get help.


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I live in the UK so don’t know if this makes a difference to the advice given regarding diet. My renal consultant seems to be on top of everything and planning one step ahead so I’m assuming he knows best. Although I’ll mention it at my next appointment and see what he says.

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Hi Wendh,

I also have IGA Nephropathy. It can be caused by several things, but it is considered an autoimmune disease, therefore reducing inflammation is key. Every person is different and every stage of the disease has different needs.

I see both a mainstream nephrologist and a holistic kidney doctor. Both said to watch red meat. Here is an interesting article on that.https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/311664.php

Because I don't have potassium issues, they didn't say I needed to be careful with that. My mainstream doctor didn't give me much else to watch except trying gluten free which I was already doing. There have been a few studies done that show gluten free diets in some cases help IGA N patients. Also going dairy free. My holistic doctor gave me a list of other foods to reduce or eliminate. The most dangerous food is starfruit- most people don't eat this, but thought I'd mention it as it can be deadly for CKD patients.

I am sending you a private message on some information I have gathered pertaining to diet for IGA N patients. Please note that the advice I, or anyone else, am giving you needs to be discussed with your doctor or dietician.

Also, I don't think I mention this in what I sent you, but neither doctor told me to watch the amount of protein I take in, but that was after I told them that I'm not a huge meat eater. I limit my servings to 1 -1.5 oz a meal and keep track per meal of roughly what my other foods add up to. The suggested protein limitations include not only lean meats, but all protein included in all types of foods such as beans, veggies and fruits.

There are calculators you can use to measure based on your weight.

Here are two different versions that give slightly different info, but you can get the idea that it's important to cut back protein nephron.org/nephsites/adp/i...



and Davita has some information as well davita.com/kidney-disease/d...

Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know if you find anything that helps.

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hi hidden..diet is just one of a few things that you can do.try to eat min red meat...keep fat low. keep fit a walk is ok.keep away from nsaid drugs..i was advised by a chemist to not have ibruprofen or similar..i saw a dietition after transplant which seemed odd.. doctors get very little training on diet so its up to you to do detective..its as important as anything..and .most important of all is to keep positive ..take care...chris


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