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hi questions regarding on my gfr

hi again so last march of this year my createnine level was at 1.80 my gfr was 59 tyen i visitex mt doctor agdin on july and low and behold my createnine was at 1.68 my gfr is now 63 it actually improved not complaining but i was expecting it to go fown did any one here have ther same exp ?? and any ideas why it improved?? so that i can do the same thing i did thanks for any answer

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There can be a lot of reasons. The lab standards, each tech may read numbers slightly differently, your diet and exercise may hold off the downward spiral. If you are having labs run every two or three months, keep doing what you're doing and relax until your next results.


thankx for the answer


It also depends on the cause of your CKD. If it is a type glomerulonephritis you kidneys GFR can fluctuate due to the amount of inflamation in the body. If you also have hematuria and proteinuria, some small studies in the 80s and 90s showed a decrease in proteinuria and increase in GFR after eliminating gluten, dairy and or other food intolerances. This is specific to this type of CKD.

ANother possibility is that you may have had an infection which can cause a dip and it can be brought back up after the infection heals. Mine dropped 10 points when I had shingles, but increased 12 points once healed.

Have you been diagnosed with CKD or is it something you suspect? Was it caused by Diabetes or high blood pressure (the two main causes of CKD), or is it a lesser common type of CKD? Although many things are common among CKD patients, there are also differences in treatments and reactions due to the type you have. Some types, the GFR can increase once inflamation is reduced, some types can go into remission with the treatment of steroids, and some types the progression can be slow if following proper diet and exercise.

In any case, you should keep track and watch your GFR over time. As Mr Kidney said, it is best practice for all of us to cut out processed foods due to the high sodium and sugar content, watch sodium in all foods. Exercise and reduce anxiety . Check you blood pressure on a regular basis. Ask lots of questions to your doctor.

I am happy for your increase. Good problem to have :)


thanks zazzel my doctor said my ckd was caused by high bp and will looking out for my diet and will exercise thanks


yes the levels can differ slightly form day to day & even if you have a different lab do the test they look for a trend when you have ckd!

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