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Right flank pain and stage 3b ckd


Hi! I am new here. 2 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 3b ckd with gfr 39 by GP. And was referred to a nephrologist. The nephrologist told me that I had glomerulonephritis and had undergone steroid medication for about a month now. 2 days ago I had this flank pain on my right back. I am really worried about this pain. Is this flank pain associated with GN or with CKD?

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Hi Thekng! Just wanted to comment as this week I've been to see a nephrologist and have also been told they think I have glomerulonephritis, I'm in for urgent kidney biopsy next week as some of my symptoms don't add up so looks like they're possibly looking for anything else going on. I've had some pain now and again, sometimes a dull acheing sensation and sometimes a sharper pain, seems to be more when I've been sick (not sure if you get this too?)

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Hello Becks26! I do experience flank pain. It is also dull and it comes and goes away. I told my nephrologist about this but he doesn't seem to be bothered about it as my blood and urine test show that they are all normal. I don't have blood or protein in my urine and my pottasium levels are normal. Going to see my nephrologist in 2 weeks.

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And if I may add I am currently on steroids treatment and it seems to be working I think. My creatinine has improved from 2.15 to 1.20 in 2 months.

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