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hi there this website is quite helpful need help hope you can answer my question


im 31 and im asian i would like to know if i should have the symtoms of ckd stage 4 according to davita, still dont know if i have or have no ckd but according to my cardio my kidney maybe damaged just wanted to ask my createnine is 1.80 someone already told me thst createnine fluctuates im schedulef to see her this july do we csn congfirm if i have ckd or not she based that according to my createnine and is crestenine level the most accurate basis for ckd thanks those whi will answer

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your cardio is bluffing, A nephrologist after examining a n ultra sound scan of the kidneys can say wether u have ckd or not

Better go to a nephrologist

1.8 cratinine i nothing to alam , u can live with it , i till stay alright after 2 heart attack and with creatinine at 2, which say GFR is 30.

do not pay un experienced cardis,

they want us to pend our money for them to get more knowledge.

hope u will write me back


tobydman in reply to kithsirid

thanks for the reply its helpful, just as i thought doctors here in my cojntry are are f#$&ing assboles if on my next appoint she dont refer me to a nhepro ill sue her for malpractice

Some people don't get any symptoms whatsoever & some get the whole range from about stage 3 on!

to determine ckd one ha to do following bio medical tests

urine full report, serum electrolytes,blood urea,creatinine level alone does not give any clue.

trhanks for replying

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