Kidney advice please

Kidney advice please

So sorry if I have posted this twice. I don't know if the other one came on. Xx

Hi I am due to see a nephrologist tomorrow . I had a scan which showed a small left kidney. I spoke to her last time but I was in a bit of a daze to be honest I just seem to be going from one thing to the next. I lost a part of my lung which they say was due to pneumonia ( I didn't even know I had it ) I had an ecg which showed I had a heart attack at some time. They were very quick acting on this. I have seen a cardiologist and I am due to go for a miocardial perfusion scan although the cardiologist assures me he doesn't think any damage has been done , the scan is just to make certain. I really have no idea what the possible diagnosis means.

Could all this be connected to my under active thyroid.

What questions should I be asking ?? Is there anything on here I should be worrying about (photo below ) The bits missing about her potential diagnosis is congenital malformation . I have stopped taking the celecoxib.

I know there is a wealth of information from you wonderful guys on here. I really want to get on with my life and I know you can live with one kidney. Really grateful for any advice on what I should be asking.

Have a great day June X


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I don't know your age but rest assured you can live with one kidney l had my left kidney removed it was desisted when l was forty one my problem was kidney stones for many years lam in stage three kidney failure but l have a good life just take my meds think positive hope all goes well for you you l am a young 77 God bless rest when you have to

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So sorry l forgot to put your name on my post June take care


Hi thanks for reply , yes I am also young 67 and have CMT and thyroid probs etc but do have a great life and plenty worse off I know. I just didn't quite grasp the medical jargon and why this has happened, but it's very reassuring that you cope so well.