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membranous nephropathy

Hi I am new to this site but been on BLF for 2 years.I recently was diagnosed with the above condition after a kidney biopsy and am a bit confused by it all ,still having further blood / ct tests to ascertain what I should take medication wise I have low blood pressure and oedema do not drink or smoke and have lung/respiritory problems too which is complicating what medication I can be give although I am taking 2.5mg Ramipril only.Has anyone got similar conditions that can advise me I would be very grateful.

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Hi BOxermad

I'm not familiar with your condition, I'm afraid. Having low blood pressure is better than high in terms of your kidney health. Once your blood and scan results come back, you will have a better understanding of what stage your kidney disease is at. When you do, come back here -so many people will be able to advise and support you. I wouldn't normally comment on other posts-but sadly I'm not sure about your other 'reply'- this site wouldn't exist if it were true. I've been on dialysis for 25 years and haven't known of anyone being 'cured' yet.

Take care of yourself .

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thank you for replying anyway and its nice to know I can get support on here.


hello all I went to see my nephrologist yesterday and confirmed I have Idiopathic membranous neropathy and it is over 20 so I do not have to go on warfarin or anti supressents as yet


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