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Please help!! New here. Stage 3 Acute kidney failure

Hello all. Am new on this forum. I was told yest my renal kydney function is acute. It went from gfr went from 59 to a 52 in about a month or so. I was told ime not diabetic I don't have hypertension so I am scheduled to get an ultrasound on next tues. This is freaking me out. Really the first in my life (I'm 34) ever hearing or dealing with something this major. What could cause it to decrease so rapidly in a month? I also have generalized anxiety disorder and mild depression. I'm so stressed. I've not gotten good sleep since June. I'm afraid to sleep. I will say I was never the best of a water drinker. I don't drink the required amounts some days I drink close to it some days I'm far from it. Have noticed from time to time since June having that metallic taste in my mouth. I do recall times of feeling itchy from out of nowhere. Also I do have shortness of breath, but I'm also not sure if some of my other symptoms I'm having like lightheaded and dizzy spells are from my anxiety or what. I was once taking omeprazole for acid reflux in june took it for a month. All these things I'm going through including the anxiety did not start happening to me until june. Yes I have had panic attacks in the past but they were not as stressing. June of this year is when all these things came down on me. I'm so stressed. Can my gfr numbers continue to decrease that rapidly withing a month. I gave an appointment on Tuesday can something really bad happen by then? I keep hearing strange stomach sounds too. Like that sound you hear when it's growling mixed with a sound like gas and water is filtering or something I can't explain the sound. Help someone? And also I'm taking buspar for my anxiety it's been a week on it.

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most simple treatment i have done was eating a green apple every day over one month , do the same and check your GFR, im sure it be alright after that,

Also eat 3 slices of pineapple once a week , water melon also has the ability to detox your system , try thrse u can save your money giving to doctors.

wish u good heath


Thank you for responding. I had gone to get the ultra sound and was made aware that I do have a kidney disease but they don't know yet what has caused it. The doctors said that it shows I have a thick layer around my kidney which signifies kidney disease. Could this be why I feel so weak and appetite has decreased so much. I've also began to notice I'm itchy.


visit you tube n type Ginger treatment for kidney failure u will get a very simple treatment , have patience and continue it.y


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