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getting worse

Hi all

Since my last post my GFR went up to 37  around 6 months ago and has now fallen to 32, but whats worse is that my arthritis is considerably worse, now in one hip badly and one hand and an elbow, very miserable indeed, I am going to ask to be put back onto something like Arcoxia to help manage the pain and inflamation, walking is difficult , this has got worse over a very short time of about 6 weeks, although I am 72, I am very active living in an old house do a lot of DIY most days, and its fast become a real painful experience, I am hoping for better medicines soon.

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Hi sorry to hear about your pain. This winter I lost quite a lot of my kidney function, before winter I was at 23% now I'm at 16% my progression was slow at first. I was diagnosed at age 32 with 34% function now at 46 I'm down to now being prepped for diayalisis or new kidney. My arthritis is getting worse, and it's linked to having Igan an immune system disease. I think this winter I struggled with colds and flu, the flu injection didn't help this time, the doc said it may have been a mutated swine flu! 

Because my arthritis is weather related or pressure in weather, I'm actually feeling good at the moment. As soon as the sun came out I sat in it and soaked up the Rays! A bit of vitamin D. Heat helps too, I have a hot bath with Dead Sea salt and some aroma therapy oils usually lemon grass and neroli. And I hold a hot water bottle on my hands when resting. Also stretching out my joints, especially my knees and hands. Squats for my knees and ankles and open and closing my fingers, they make weird noises like clicks, but it feels better afterwards. 

Keep up the DIY 

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