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Dialysis choices

Hi - I have just been informed by my kidney consultant that it is time for me to consider dialysis as my kidney function is 14% and no future possibility of it improving. I really don't know which option to go for. I only have 1 kidney and have a nephrostomy tube in that one as previous lymphoma damaged my urethra. Has anyone got any advice for me on my options.

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You will have a specialist nurse come & discuss it with you & usually you are invited to some discussions sessions where patients come & talk about their experiences this will all help you decide! my hubby chose CAPD as it gives a bit more freedom we take all the stuff away with us & no machines or needles! you can do similar with an overnight machine APD but still no needles! It all takes time to get used to he's not done haemo yet so can't really help on that one but his friend who started with him only managed CAPD for 6 months & then had to do haemo he likes that as he goes in the evening then bed afterwards 3 times week of course if you want to go away anywhere you have to arrange dialysis in another area several months earlier so more restricted that way!

good luck with it all x


Thank you for your help. I'm not good with needles as chemotherapy did not do my veins any good so one of the PD options looking good to me. x


Yes its worth a try then it seems very daunting but you soon get in to the routine you go for training & the training is excellent my hubby had 3 days & was very poorly at the time down to 6% then the nurse comes to your home to make sure everything is ok then they are always at the end of the phone nothing is considered too trivial for you to ask & like you say no needles!

good luck


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