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Hi just found this site as recently diagnosed with CKD3, egfr reading 61 3 months ago, down to 51 now, shld I be worried

Was given this result a few days ago telling me to have another blood test in one month, I dont have high blood pressure, not diabetic, only slightly overweight, borderline bmi, not on any medication or have been and no advice or possible reasons given, reading threads seems not much help given from health care, any suggestions?

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I have stage 3 CKD my GFR is 39. I have only recently found this out. It appears that my GFR has been in the mid 40s for several years, yet my Dr. never sent me for any tests and didn't seem concerned about it !!!!! However as I have had several urine infections recently and one really bad one sending my GFR down to 22 I have finally been refered to the hospital. I have a kidney scan in Aug. I would have thought that your readings were not too bad, so no need to worry.



Just thought I would add that my husband's kidney function was down to 13 and he was still working three days a week and driving 30 miles each way despite being nearly 70 and not on dialysis. He only became end stage 5 and went on dialysis when his KF was down to 9 and the medics thought it was about time - he settled easily onto dialysis, he's still working the three days a week and apart from needing a sleep each afternoon he's still coping really well providing he lives a gentle life.



I would also add that medics suggested it would be necessary to make dietary adjustments and that he would not be able to drink - he does like his wine! He made sure he understood his blood readings like potassium levels etc and if they were a bit high he cut out bananas and dried fruit, etc but apart from that he eats as he always has, just smaller portions, and also drinks a bottle of wine most days. Kidney failure needn't be a life sentence, it's a matter of getting on with life and listening to your own body, as well as reading and understanding as much as possible about the problems so that you can make the decisions which make sense and fit with the way you think your lifestyle affects your body. We are all different and medics can only take a general view.


Hello Secondhandrose,

I read your posting. My husband is type 2 diabetic with ckd stage 3. His eGFR is 44. We are extremely worried. His Hb is 12.7. He feels. V weak. His sodium potassium levels are fine. He is on protein restriction due to proteinuria. He is leaking 3.7 gms of protein through urine .Any advise on diet will be a big help. We want to slow the progression. We are both very depressed. This forum is great so felt like posting this question .good to know your husband is coping well. Just another question .. How long does it take stage 3 to stage 5. Is eGFR an indicator or is it s.creatinine no.



Hello I've been diagnosed with stage three kidney disease, now I've got blood in my urine. Anyone any ideas. Scared like mad


Hi Jonathan 22, I am stage 3 CKD too and have had blood in my urine a few times. I was sent off for a kidney scan on one of the occasions, but each time it has proved to be due to infection. Don't be scared, get to your GP as soon as possible and get some tests done on your urine, he should give you some antibiotics once you have done your sample. If you feel really bad and it is out of hours, go to your local A&E, they will do the same. All the best xx


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