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Hey all,

Just found the site and have found some great info on here already. My question is this

What spell checkers do you guys use to help with your dyslexia ?

I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was at uni. Since then I have worked in IT. Growing up the cooperate ladder more and more. Never told any one when I work with them that I have dyslexia ether, As if they have a issue with my spelling there know where to go lol.

But I am working on more and more global projects and looking for that extra help. And not wanting to look the fool or they angry guy in the corner.

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I use Scandinavian Keyboard spell checker. Then I make my own spell checker and import word list's.

This makes the talking spell checker exact and I do not have to use so much time in

word suggestion's.


Google tool bar has a good one.


I use after the deadline, which works on social media sites like Facebook too. I find it really helpful. afterthedeadline.com/


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