help needed son diagnosed in 2010, along with Irlens, and now about to take SATS says his levels are too high to be dyslexic???

ive been trying to get a meeting with the senco teacher since sept 2012, my son was diagnosed with dyslexia and irlens in 2010, after fighting with school and me taking him to DA , the DA came into school and did weekly sessions with him for 10 weeks, back in 2011, now because i asked what help he has to do his sats, they say his level is too high, since he has his special glasses, his level apparently from keystage 2 sats, to now he has apparently gone up by 16 points! - they said that since he has his green glasses thats when the improvement started,so doesnt have dyslexia no more!, why does he still have extra lessons, why do they still send phonics home, and why does on his school reports all say working towards expectred levels or below expected levels. - they did say though that he is in a small group and can ask to be read only certain questions due to his irlens not dyslexia

ive arranged an appoitment with DA for 1st May and my local parent partnership are ringing me next week

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  • I would get intouch with dyslexic action centre and see what help he still need in exam and if he statement need to be update. Also children in grammer school are dyslexia so you can do well in exams its just means you learn different to other students. i hope this helped you abit

  • Thankyou, ive been in touch with DA, and got a meeting on 1st may, they are looking at his records from his last visit back in 2010, and the 10 week sessions 2011.

  • Dyslexia can occur at any level of intelligence! Your son may not be displaying as many dyslexic symptoms at the moment but it will still be there so you need to be vigilant when he starts to find school work more challenging. Working with dyslexics involves helping them gain strategies that allow them to work independently. These strategies need careful monitoring throughout an individuals education so that new strategies are developed when they are needed.

  • Thankyou Wend56, he refuses to do homework its a constant battle with him, he has extra sub lessons which he hates because they are taking him out of golden time/ break time etc, he refuses to goto breakfast club because 2/3 times per week they were giving him work to do and on thurs he has intervention after school. - but non of these are to do with the dyslexia learning he was doing when the other senco teacher before she left last july, it s just this year the one who has taken her place, we have tried to get meetings and nothing, my son has not had one interaction with her, they are saying all these extra curriculam are to bring him upto level with the sats. now they saying he hasnt got dyslexia because he is at the levels expected and they seem certain he will get level 4. - i just know when it comes to sats in 3 weeks he will just sit there and fidget/ daydream or cry which breaks my heart, seeing him like this.

  • Your son is clearly a bright individual if he is expected to get level 4 despite his difficulties. Schools unfortunately are not prepared to put time and money into extra support for children they regard as average or above. I fear this is a battle you will have to fight on many occasions as he goes through school. Please reassure your son and tell him his SAT levels do not matter - most secondary schools take no notice of the levels and make their own assessments when they start. It might be worthwhile to start asking his new school what support they can provide rather than expending your energy on his primary school that he will very soon be leaving. I support dyslexic students at university and I can assure you that support gets easier to get as a child progresses through the education system.

  • Thankyou Wend56, when he went to the open day at high school the Senco teacher saw him with his glasses and spoke to him, as my elder son goes and has health problems, we knew of her, and the senco teacher at high school, has been trying to get a meeting with the primary school, but they have got no where, so they have decided that when the high school visits for transistion days, the senco will make a point of coming along and will be seen that way. - this is the first we have heard of him been level 4, certainly back in Feb at parents eve, the lit and maths teacher, said he was just level 3 so will have to sit the SATS, so how in less than 8 weeks has he got level 4, where did these 16 points materialise from. - you all have eased me tonight and i thank you for this :)

  • I am sorry your son's school is being unhelpful. Previous people are right - please tell him not to worry about the SATS they are a test on the SCHOOL not the child! It sounds like the new school will be more supportive, so I wouldn't waste much energy or worry over the school he will be leaving. He sounds like he is a clever lad - it annoys me that my son got no help at his last school, as he always achieved 'average' in written tests which they thought was ok. In any oral tests he always scored 'above average' funny that being as he is dyslexic. The best thing is for you to make sure you son's self esteem is not affected by all these tests - make sure he does something out of school he likes (football or something?) and that he has a really relaxing summer!

    Best of luck and I hope his new school is more helpful. It is encourageing that Wend56 says that things get better as they progress through school - there is hope for us yet!!!!

  • Thankyou Rich72 and all of you i will reply once meeting etc taken place

  • Why green glasses? Why not get the eye itself fixed and your son moving ahead?

    Totally sympathetic with what your poor child & yourself are going through, I have dyslexia and flunked my latter school years - not a good idea at all. However i wasn't actually aware it was dyslexia till I was 27!

    Got my eyes sorted by an eye correction program and now moving in the right direction, with dyslexia cured!

    P.S. This a a super quick treatment for the amazing impact it makes! Only 11hrs!

  • The green glasses are the colour tint lenses because my son has Irlens Syndrom a complete different condition as well as dyslexia, also known as photoscopic sensitivity, the colour depends on how the eyes read the text, he has had yellow, turqoise and now bottle green colour they can change, and unfortunatly no laser treatment available

  • Please would you look at our 'yes we can read' website. It is a manual, which anyone who can read can just pick up and use to teach someone from 8 to 80. All you have to do is read the general instructions in 15 minutes or so. A free overlay for learners with Irlens is provided. Please look at the videos you will be inspired. One-to-one is the key. it works, I promise you.

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