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how can i get help for my dyslexia

im 18 and i was told that i had dyslexia in school but not told what type of dyslexia if there is a type of dyslexia im good at reading but bad writing speling and not the best at talking and im a slow typer and slow writer. the school put me in specile needs class in english in year7 up woods and i dont think i got any better with my speling or writing so i told one teatcher and she thought i was having a go at her so after that i just cept my mouth shut and got on with school.it got on my nevs because it pulled me down with my other subjets like sie geog hist ict re and i think french and cooking. i am now worried because i dont tell people that i have dyslexia and i have left a job because i could not fill out the helth and safty booklet. ive been to the job center now 4 months and i have not told them that i have dyslexia o and i fegot to say ive some how pass an nvq in english so i dont know how to tell the job center that im dyslexia and i dont know if i should tell them that i have dyslexia. allso can any one tellme where i can get help for my dyslexia

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Hi jonto1

I would advise telling the Job Center as they will arrange for you to see the Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) who can make sure you have all the support you need.

Also you probably need to have a full assessment to establish the pattern your dyslexia takes, the DEA may well be able to help you with this. I am dyslexic and currently unemployed and the DEA arranged for me to see their Work Place Psychologist and it was really helpful.

I have also just discovered this website geniuswithin.co.uk which I am also finding very helpful in understanding my dyslexia and discovering my talents. Then of course Dyslexia Action will be able to help as well.

I know from experience that being dyslexic can be tough at times but there is light at the end of tunnel !!

Good Luck


First understand that you are not alone.

I live in the US. I have a college degree and have dyslexia like you do.


I can’t spell to save myself. Thank God for spell check.

Here is a trick of mine.

I’m sure you can use a computer you have posted on here.

When you have to write something out, use your word processing program.

Use it to write what you need to. Then copy it or print it out.

Use the Cut & Paste function.

Now, that all said…

I fell through the cracks like you did.

One summer my parents sent to me summer school and I just worked on basic math.

It was in a small class with a good teacher to student ratio.

Actually there were four students and one teacher. All we did was basic math.

I mean, add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions.

I finally learned it.

It sounds like me you just fell through the cracks.

I would try this. See if you can find a program or tutor who can help you with your basic grammar.

Let them help you learn spelling, punctuation, and so on.

I know it is hard. I know what it feels like. I know you feel at times, stupid.

You are not.


This happens when the teachers are over whelmed.

Try what I have suggested.

Find a tutor or a program where they will help you LEARN THE BASICS.

When you get the basics down, build on that.

You can do it.

I did.

Good luck.

Just for your information, I wrote this using my word processing program, and then cut and pasted it on here.

It works. Good luck and remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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