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Where do you go for information on starting a Dyslexia Media group

I have learn to read by myself, when leaving school in the 60's told factory work is all you could do

started as machine operator and lift as charge hand, three college courses later in media and TV

ran TV studio for Birmingham LEA and trained firth and fourth seniors at school. Because of health problems

had to pack up my job as care worker. Have home based video editing suite and would like to show other Dyslexics how to express themselves through the art of MEDIA.

What I need now is information on how to set this up?

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Have you thought about working with your local BDA support group or other Dyslexic support group? They should be able to advise you further.


I have try two groups, one in Birmingham and one in Selly Oak Birmingham, all they do is sit around drinking coffee.

The one in Selly Oak has a computer room which is base in a library which is not being used, because the computer are to old, I have offer to set the computer up for them, but after asking again and again I no longer go there. Dyslexics need a way of expressing themselves, Video Pictures & Music seem the best way "BUT" there is nothing on offer or any group set-up for this. I have asked a lot of people on how to set-up a group even my MP

is it real that hard to help Dyslexics or give me some information?

I would like to thank you for your reply

But my feet are not stepping forward on this matter, still in the same spot !

As a ex-care worker, working with people with disability I got more help then working with Dyslexics


I joined a dyslexia association a few months ago, & I too have been more than disappointed with their lack of interest. The group is linked to BDA and they supposedly want to make people in society more aware of Dyslexia. However, I feel they do very little to support this and I continually get frustrated by them!


It in some funny way it makes me feel happy that other people understand what I am talking about. Lift school in the 60's and nothing as change

(lets make believe we are doing something for dyslexics, a room a cup of coffee that will do!)

I what more then that !

Some way of expressing how I feel

If you cannot use words, lets use pictures video and music.

Dyslexics are very good at media let use it ?

I live in Birmingham and have tried and tried to get help from all sorts of people on setting a group

all you get is there are two groups for dyslexics in Birmingham tried them

do you need to understand dyslexia for your children

give some money to help dyslexics

what on earth is going on (nothing)

videoman Kenneth Ferris


I am an artist I live in the USA I am also a grandma. I need some creative incentive I do alot of things a few video slide shows one with photo slides that were twisted and mangled into abstracts. I use to facilitate art with people dealing with mental health issues. Am I allowed to give you my blog ForeverArtzone.com


I'm base in Quinton Birmingham UK, I live by a country park which is in a valley and is called Woodgate Valley, I have found that all art comes from Nature the colour of bark on trees green of the grass the cloud in the sky and colour and movement of water, these are just a few things, Nature is Art.


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