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How can I reduce my difficulties? Can anyone help?


Just wondering if anyone can hlep me to overcome some difficulties I have, just recently beeen told I have dyslexia, mainly due to change of employment, the job has more office work to complete, for many years I have found ways round my difficulties myself,

But wonder how i can reduce my weakness and hoping someone out there has the similair problems but has found ways to reduce the problems

1) I have struggle to remember too many instructions given to me at one time- how does one find ways found that?

2) Telephone messages i struggle with taking messages, i have to say out the numbers after the caller have said it , when I am writting it down, and when i have to write a message down my mind goes blank and have to get the caller to spell out some simple words that i dont usually struggle with, so when i have to write some thing i cant spell makes it extermelly difficult, I cant sound out words, sometimes i am embrasess to ask and try to write it the way i hear it

3) I always do a to do list which i do the night before at home when my mind is clear and focus, which seems to work out well when nothing comes in between it. but the job i do there is always some crisis occuring and my to do list goes out the window, how can i remind focus?

4) On the spot questions when i am being asked questions my mind goes blank and dont say half of the things i should had said, but later i remember it and i hate it, what does someone do, i do write a list and that seems to hlep

5) during meeting my mind wonder and i hate it, i do try to say focus how does anyone learn to remind in focus, the meeting isnt boring but i cant seems to sit and remain focus, i do take note during meeting so i remember what was discussed, but i my mind still wonder off

I just needs some advice how others find ways to reduce this, i know i will have many difficulties and obscales in my way, - which i have all my life, but having some techique that can reduce this would make me happy :)

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I found having a diagnosis and the subsequent of ADHD really helped with focus. I was diagnosed with dyslexia 5 years ago but found it didn't help with the issues I had most trouble with. It's not just about hyperactivity. Might be worth having a look into?



You may find it helpful to get in touch with Access to Work see gov.uk/access-to-work/overv... There may be technology which could help you, which A to W can help fund the costs of. A workplace assessor will come into your workplace and recommend support for you. You may also get some funded support sessions to help you develop other coping strategies.


will a work place assessment be available in the work trial?


Thank you for your reply, i shall look into them x


You sound like me...lol. Before computers and word processing, I'd type things out. Now I use the computer and the word processing package.

What I'd recommend, is

A: type everything on the word processing package. I'd leave a window open for just taking notes and messages and phone numbers.

B: Buy a small recording device. I have a pen I bought online. Comes with ear phones or you can load it on a computer. Don't be open about this some people get really upset for no reason at all and just want to create a stink. Why? Because they can.

Also SAVE the document you use. Trust me, I've hit the wrong button before. If you use the same document all the time, you'll have a record (they'll think you're really hot stuff and very well organized if you can pull this stuff up a week or month or so later when someone losses that info.

Also if you don't you can just highlight the stuff and delete it to clean it up.

AND the best yet, you can cut and paste it to another document if need be.

Also take your time. And it not bad to ask people to repeat the message, number and so on , just say, "let me read this back to you to make sure it is right."

Good luck


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