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Me Thinks Too Much

Me Thinks Too Much

...You all will love this.

Before I graduated with my degree, people were coming to me for academic advice. Not their advisers, but ME!

I was on the "7 Year Plan" to get my degree. Hadn't planned it that way, but that is how it worked out.

Well, I had to figure out things and ways to deal with being one of 35,000 other undergraduate students. And being Dyslexic.

I found ways to get college credit that were not, shall we say, "main stream?"

One was my foreign language requirement.

Now I'm across the "pond" in the US. BUT, I found that not all university/college programs were all the same. AND that others schools offered alternative ways to get credits.

I found a couple of schools that offered trips overseas and you earned college credits for being on the trip. Well, I saw that I could get credits for history, government or language. It would transfer to my university. So I signed up for the trip and to get language credits.

I didn't have to struggle through the classes. I just took the trip. Alright, so I can't speak the language, but honestly, I'll never go back to those countries anyway.

But that is how I did it.

Graduate school. While I've not attempted to get an advanced degree, there are those schools that do not require one of the numerous tests to get admitted to their graduate program. Shiller Institute is one of them. I talked to them and they informed me that "Those tests are not really applicable to our program. We have students from around the world and English is not in some cases their first or second language. So it isn't a good way to test their abilities."

You just have to keep looking until you find the place that fits you well.

Also look online for schools. You might have to register with a school, say here in the US. Just an idea.

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