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Dyslexic & Forgetting People's Names? ~ Worry not!

I have known that there was something unusual about my abilities for many years, but only when I was into my thirties did I realise it was diss-lex-eya! ~ Never mind many other words, I really can't even remember how to spell "Dyslexia" on many occasions, and that's a fact!

Nowadays I am well into my 50's and I do not get at all hung up on the fact that I have dyslexia, because once you know what it is that causes you so many problems, that's when you can breath a sigh-of-relief and start to find ways around it!

For example, I have always had issues remembering peoples names, so my trick is not to use them! ~ Simples! ~ I try to use other forms of address that are as neutral as I can think of. For example a young woman is known as a "lovely girl", one not so young would be a "lovely lady". A man would be a "good chap" or a "good fellow", etc, etc. Make them up yourself, so long as they are non-offending, otherwise you are dodgy ground!

One thing I learned early on is to keep things as light-hearted as possible and not to let it get the better of me. I utilise that relentless 'dyslexic' perseverance and dogged determination in order to beat this horrid and invariably frustrating affliction into some kind of order. The overriding factor is to "never-give-up" and eventually you will find solutions to many of those dyslexic related annoyances!

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25 June 2015.

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Yes! I do exactly the same thing - but sometimes it can go wrong. I once called my Head of Department a 'good boy' (I'm a teacher) because I was busy and it just popped out! He told me off for being patronizing! He wasn't even very 'good'. lol! You're so right -never give up :)

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Very good! ~ I do not always get it correct either!


I'm so bad with names I keep calling my husband of nearly 30 years by my brother's name! Freud would have a field day with that one. Luckily where I come from I can get by with calling most people "Hon."

It is embarrassing not being able to remember names because people figure you didn't remember because they weren't important enough to you. So when someone admits they can't remember my name I am relieved rather than insulted.

I couldn't spell dyslexia until I found out "dys" means "difficult" and "Lexia" means "words"--"difficulty with words." For some reason a word is easier to spell if I know what it means even if I don't speak that language. I don't know if that's a dyslexic thing or just me.

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It's nice to know I'm not alone! Thanks.



I do have this problem but to a lesser extent.I imagine big letters hanging over their heads when I can still remember.Well the first letter of their name and then I can remember the name usually.


Don't worry, as I do the same as well I am not one of those men!😉


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