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Can medicane make dyslexic memory worse

I'm dyslexic/dyspraxic and have always suffered. But despite this I managed to do well in my GCSEs, A-levels and even got a Degree

When I was in my teens I was also diagnosed with epilepsy and placed on medication, like most epileptic medication it often causes drowsiness.

I have found that in the last 10 years my memory has got worse, I spoke to my doctor who simply told me that dyslexia cannot get worse, your born with it and it simply stays the same throughout your life

But my worry is that my dyslexia combined with the drowsiness caused by the medication is making my brain work overtime causing my memory issues. Do you think this could have caused my memory problems? It's a bit of a cliché but I simply cannot remember my memory being this bad in the past and don't know how I could have got through my degree with it being this bad?

Anybody had similar experiences?

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Memory will decrease with age so this will have an effect on overall performance. Dylexia is also influenced by the external environment such as drugs, person being tired and can sometimes seem to vary day by day. However you can also try improving the environment by using strategies such as recording information by using the microphone on a phone or jotting it down in pictures. Some people also like to keep a notepad by their bed in case they have an idea which they do not want to forget! As people with dyslexia can come up with novel ideas to solve problems this is a god way of capturing them. So try not to get disheartened and also share any strategies that have worked for you on this site!


If you think it could be yiur medication ask your gp if yiu can change the brand yiur taking or the drug yiur using all medications have side effects and people respond to medications in differbt ways it's worth asking it may be you can't change but at least you know were you stand.

How I help my memory is lots of lists, reminders / alarms on my phone in work if


In work if people are telling me a lot of info in one go I ask them to email me. Hope that helps.


Thank you, I will try using some of those techniques. It can be difficult. Worse part is remembering everyone's names, you can go months talking to someone and never use there names, probably longer


What I do with names is imagine them doing Something or eating Something that starts with the same letter of there name I don't know why but it seems to work for me


Contact your nearest Dyslexia Action centre to see if someone there can help you.

Go to: www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk/f...


Well, your doctor is right that it doesn't get worse with age. If anything it gets better with age. Like any other thing in life, other aspects of your health will effect it but it isn't like dimenta where you slowly deteriorate. You can have really bad days with dyslexia also, it can fluctuate. However its as I said, not part of the eventuality of dyslexia worsening.

Drowsiness causes forgetfulness in most people, I suspect its the drowsiness getting worse with age. I think its worth you playing with medication dosages or brands etc. As your bodies more likely to change in reaction to that.


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