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hi i am new here. i am an adult with dyslexia. i struggle with medical letters. as the are hard to understand.

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Many letters official letters are not straightforward. Doctors, in particular, will use arcane language to give the results a medical feel and add weight to their opinion. Almost all professions do this, they use a special language, extra words and special ways of saying things it can be confusing. Try and get a non-dyslexic friend to help you understand things like this.


The NHS has to company with somthing called the Accsable information standard. The idea is that any information provide eg letters is adapted to the needs of the individual eg you could request your letters are in a specific font, sent to you via email this would allow the letter to be read aloud by software. You could also request it be an easy read version that uses less confusing language. To comply with the standard the NHS professional should ask what your needs are and this can with your permission be added to your file or record so you dont have to keep explaining your needs over and over again. You can find our more about this on Te NHS England website

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The first thing you should do is go to your doctor tell them about your problem. There are things they can do to help you. Dyslexia is a recognised condition - imagine how much help they would give you if you were blind and couldn't read the letters. It's the same with dyslexia. Please tell your GP.


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