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I think I have dyslexia but I am too scared to ask

I am 15 and have been having symptoms for solo long. Ever since I can remember I used to get in trouble for messing about in class and getting easily distracted but that was only because have found the work hard. Teachers would notice that I was slipping but would put it down to my bad behavior. Now everything is getting harder and my teachers are noticing that even though I am smart in the classroom on the test paper the opposite can be said. My spelling has been improving but my main issue is retaining information after reading something or even remembering what I had read. It is taking a roll on me and I don't want to tell my parents as the would always put it down to me being lazy even though I try realy hard. Teachers here would just move me down sets which would affect me as I am in the top sets but I feel as if I am barely surviving there and that I will fail in my exams.

I don't know what to do anymore!!

I need help but who should I turn to??

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Mary, Get some help. If you tell a teacher or a councillor your problems I'm sure they will be sympathetic.

Don't ignore it, what ever the cause it will not go away on it's own and could affect the rest of your life.

I have dyslexia but it was not recognised and most of my adult life was affected. It made me shy. I would not join in with things because I was afraid I would make mistakes. It held me back. (I'm 64 now and have faced up to it.)

Please don't let this happen to you.


Sometimes people with reading issues have a visual processing issue called Irlen Syndrome which makes remembering and understanding what has been read diffIcult. It often occurs with dyslexia. Try the self test and then there are lists on the website of people in your area that you can talk to. irlen.com

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sorry to hear your story. Please confide in someone whether it is your parents, an aunt, uncle someone who you think will listen. This could be a teacher or the senco for the school. Keeping problems to yourself will make you feel anxious and sad and you will feel so relieved to have told someone. Is there is a friend who you can trust to go with you and speak to an adult if you dont want to go alone. There is lots of help out there and the fact you have posted on here says alot about you and how determined you are. I believe in you and you must believe in yourself that you can do this. Be brave and strong and I guarantee you will feel so much better. Good luck


I am 21, never diagnosed struggling with my life because I was too scared to seek any professional help in high school I remebemef telling my aunt I need help with reading but she didn't understand how dyslexia workdie didn't know what it was at the time. I didn't have the courage to tell anyone else after that. now my spelling stops me from getting jobs I feel stuck at times , I coped from students in high school and always stayed after school to finish work managed to get my high school diploma. Enrolled in Community College and struggling on the lowest classes, getting tested very soon hopefully I can get ssome my self. If you want to have a successful life you have confront to your fears. Best of luck


I asked a teacher at school about what help I could get and told him about how I had been feeling and what I was struggling with but he just dismissed me and told me that nothing is wrong with me.Who could I turn to now??


Could possibly be a working memory issue. Can you speak to your special needs coordinator at school?


First port of call should be Toe by Toe: toe-by-toe.co.uk

If that simple but effective approach doesn't work (it usually does...), try something else.

Best of luck. Frank


That teacher is wrong to dismiss you like that. He has acted unprofessionally, but ordinary teachers know nothing about special needs, they haven't the training. You have to tell the right people. Firstly, tell your mum what you're doing so she knows. Explain it to her. Show her this - what you have written and what people are telling you to do here. Then go to your Learning Support Department. It might be called Special Needs Department -I'm sure you know where it is. If not ask the school office. Make an appointment and take your mum with you to the meeting with the SENCO. The school has a duty of care, they have to listen to your concerns and act upon them. They will not hold your behaviour against you, because that is all a part of your difficulties in school - there's always a reason why kids misbehave and it's the school's job to help those kids. They should have already assessed you just because of that. I hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes, so we can help you with the next step. You are very brave. Well done. Everything will be OK, as long as you take the rights steps. Good luck.

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