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What does every one else think?

I have been unemployed for nearly 18 months, I am beginning to feel that I am being punished for being dyslexic. I nearly didn't write this because it seemed like self indulgent self pity but then I began to wonder if dyslexic children ever feel that in some way that is their fault and could be helped by being reassured that it isn't. What does everyone else think?

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ok this question is due to you insecurity, and this isnt me having a dig or trying to be insulting towards you. you are going through stress and likely depression which results in self doubt and therfore creates thoughts and "flase" questions from your mind, then after some time your mind actually starts to believe what its hearing even though its still your own thoughts.

considering many hollywood and other professional people are dyslexic, i doubt very much its whats sadly creating the unemployed situation for you. how ever dont forget we are still in a recession and there are over 2 million people unemployed, and i highly doubt the reason is because we have suddenly foudn they are all dyslexic.

there are times in your life that seem self indulgent, but if its what creates a situaiton in your life where you are asking for help, then hell i welcome it more the merer.

take some time and read my write up of my experinces but the knwoledge i have picked up and see if this helps you


if you are getting stressed considering its been over 18 months, think about enrolling in a college or uni course, get yourself involved in soemthing you like and gain some qualifications , this will more than likely improve your chances at a job aswell.


Dyslexic children do sometimes blame themselves, they wonder why things seem to be so difficult for themselves compared with their classmates. Unfortunately with the concentration on literacy (especially writing) from an early age children seem to be making these comparisons earlier. The key is to try to work around difficulties using support tools (such as word predictive software), and often people do decide to go into careers where their talents are appreciated more than the things they are struggling with. The Dyslexic way of thinking has a lot to offer the world it would certainly be a boring world without their insight. I hope this encourages you.


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I have worked really hard and become a fully qualified teacher and have no more money to study although I would love to. I would like to do an MA in dyslexia in education and how it affects adult life. I would also like to do research into the best ways to improve education to try and prevent/limit dyslexia developing including the best strategy to help all dyslexics have full and fulfilling lives.


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