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Developing Dyslexia??

Hi there,

I've always had a slight problem with seeing words differently, but I have treated that as normal, thinking it happens to everyone (which I think it does). These past few months I've noticed (increasingly today) that I've been reading things the wrong way, writing things forgetting to put in a letter and all sorts, making me feel as if something is wrong with me.

What I would like to know is whether Dyslexia can be developed? I am currenrly 15 years old and have always been a great reader and fast writer. Some words start to feel odd to write these days, it's scaring me.

Thank you.

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How do you see words differently?


like mixed up, so take yesterday, when I looked at "dairy" I thought it said "diary".


That happens to me too. I tend to misread words or miss out words when I am reading and it can be very frustrating.


Just to make sure this isn't a visual processing problem (that can occur with or without Dyslexia) look at the self tests on irlen.com For some people with Irlen Syndrome, especially after reading for a while, words blur, letters switch, you loose your place, find difficulty tracking lines. If you have Irlen Syndrome then a particular color of overlay over the page can help alleviate these problems. If you want an Irlen Screening you need to have this done by a qualified Irlen Screener and you can find these on the website. I hope this information helps you.


You don't develop dyslexia, you just become aware of it. 75% of dyslexics don't know it because of the misconceptions about it. Everyone "knows" dyslexics can't read because the letters flip on them. It's only severe dyslexics who have real problems learning to read and write.

Although no two dyslexics are alike, your dyslexic sounds similar to mine. I have always been able to read and write so I'm probably mildly dyslexic. However I do get to play word scramble like you describe. But you know if someone offered me a pill to cure my dyslexia I'd tell him to "take a hike." A dyslexic brain does have some advantages over a normal left-side dominate brain. Dyslexics are highly creative, have great imaginations, can think in 3-D, are great problem solvers and see interconnections others miss. So don't be afraid.

This helps explain some of the strengths.


you may have visual dyslexia which can change over your lifetime. This can be helped by coloured reading glasses. It is not usual for classic dyslexia to get worse.


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