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Help with Course Fees

I am 41yrs old, I didn't find out I was dyslexic until I was 33yrs (when I was doing an MA course).

I left school at 16 (with practically no qualification, all very low grade GCSE's) and went straight in to a job as an apprentice Dental Technician in 'Harley Street', and I thought I was set up with a good career. During my 3 months doing that job (which I quit as my boss was difficult to work for), I started to notice things like my 'short term memory' (which is what my main problem with dyslexia is) when I was asked to do things in my job which I would soon forget. After I quit this job, I did a YTS (yet again unsuccessful) and spent most of my life from the 19-34 in and out of university (where I didn't really gain anything except bad advise from tutors, thus no career for me).

Two years ago I had tutoring with my Dyslexia at Dyslexia Action, and left with confidence in my own abilities I've never had in my life, and I'm able to think more clearly due to techniques I was shown etc

Earlier this year I recent took the step "Ouch" to go back in to education (places of eduction are my worst enemy), this time to a careers college to once again become a Dental Technician. I applied for a BTEC in Dental Technology, and I had to take a test which I was sure I would fail (I told the college I was dyslexic, and they gave me longer/more time than others to do the test). To my surprise, I passed and was offered a place on the course which starts in September.

But the problem is when I took the test etc, I was told the course fees for last year were £2,000 for 2yrs. When I received the letter with my course fee's they are now £7,300 for 2yrs.

I'm already in huge debt, and earn little over £12,000 a year. I'd have to take a Student Loan out for £7,300, giving me even debt, plus after paying £3,000 for an MA course that I regard as one of the biggest mistakes of my life, I can't bare to pay out more money on education. But I need a career that will give me a better standard of living, as I'm fed up of working nights and earning a very low wage, and in many ways feel as if I've had a huge chunk of my life taken away from me for not knowing I was dyslexic until I was 33 and no real help until I contacted Dyslexia Action 2yrs ago.

Does anyone know of bursary's/ charities that would sponsor all or part of my fees for this course?


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