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Dyslexia and work life balance

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Hi all

I work in the care sector.

I find that due to my dyslexia I have a history of anxiety and depression . I used to cope by getting plenty of exercise mostly outdoors and the gym and trying to have hobbies like photography and reading and spending time doing these activities with my partner.

Having a good work life balance has been key to my mental and physical well-being.

Not anymore. For the last 2 years i have been working as a community support worker for a charity.

Having a work life balance is a constant battle with my employer.

I find the demands of working in the care sector, working long unsociable hours, is having a negative effect on my physical and mental health. I often work long hours that can be stressful for a dyslexic person and very tiring.

I am so fed-up with this and the lack of understanding from my employer that i want to quit my job, with no job to go to, as i feel my life is miserable at the moment and I can't see a future.

I feel so negative and pessimistic.

The Joy has been sucked out of life.

I feel I never want to work again.

10 Replies
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I have a similar story I work in Education in a support role. I work in a low paid job because it makes my anxiety better. Unfortunately, there has been a culture change and Education is not the happy place it once was. People are being asked to sacrifice all their spare time to do double the work they used to with no extra money. The culture of mutual respect has turned to one of fear. The teachers are all unhappy and are leaving in droves the children are self-harming. We have to look around and realise that the modern world of work is out of control in a vicious spiral of competition. People are voting with their feet. Which is very hard if you are dyslexic because of a mountain of forms and training lie between you and a better job. There is also no guarantee that the next job will be better.

There must be a point that people stop paying personally to prop up an organisation. We as a society have to start protecting our sanity and the sanity of our children. If people say no to these increased demands as a movement and a societal change, employers must start listening and changing or they will not be able to run their organisations. Robots cannot replace everybody and the cost of having so many dysfunctional people who can no longer work will be too high for the government to ignore.

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Chomsky in reply to rosetinted

Hi rosetinted.

I totally agree with your points.

THe British obsession with work is out of control.

Employers don't seem to understand how exhausted dyslexic people can be at the end of a long day. My mind just goes to pieces.

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Yes I know that feeling, maybe look going part time as it may give you same time, in looking into a new job. I work in as a veterinary nurse, I find long hours and working long weeks to much for me. So I taken on a role which is better hours for me and a close drive to home. As I find driving too far give me headaches and my anxiety ho through the roof. I no longer do on called as I found it to much.

Please don't gave up look at a new job. To help you grown and be happy with the work life balance.

All the best of luck


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I am in a similar situation as a caregiver I am expected to do more, and more I often have to meet the complex needs of residents, being dyslexic and I used to have anxiety issues I found taking time for my self to be really helpful. I exercise 4 - 5 days a week, helps me to reduce stress, have you considered having a stress assessment done by a licensed counselor?

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I know the feeling especially work but its harder when u in a relationship and the other person dont understand it the disorder. Get out of community specialist u have to be strong in your mind to work there I did it for 7 years made me strong. It's an everyday first find something u enjoyed and work at it that's what I did and still doing. Talk to u I have a bachelor and getting into politics no good in speaking like Moses but I am looking for my apron, who is the speaker, it's a fight every day.

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ChrisWol in reply to ChrisWol

So true especially in a relationship

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ChrisWol in reply to ChrisWol

That's me

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Hello Chomsky

I know all about the care sector but I have always had positive employers . I write medical notes as part of my job but if there is any spelling mistakes management change it . Pepole`s dyslexia should not stop them . Yes its embarrassing when you cannot spell but we get round it. Well how are things since you started this message ? I hope everything has worked about for the best for you. Bet wishes

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What I have learn is that everyday is a fight and especially with technology it becomes more harder because more reading. Get into a career where u help people talking and fight for people. It's not easy it's a fight every day.

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In your case I would look for another job, or maybe asking your employer to have someone help you with your work load. might make a little difference.

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