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What's wrong with fruits?

I changed continents and am now totally confused re my health. I mean : more confused than I already was .

My question is a simple one : what the heck is wrong with eating fruits? ??

I live in London and eat as much fruits here as I used to when in Vancouver.

I am a 67 female and since I was a kid, I have always been told that fruits are good for you. I have T2 since 2016 (I think).

Would appreciate an answer.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi I normally stick to veg. A lot less Carbs. Might have 2 bananas a year. Apples are fine Oranges similar but would rather have a few sticks of celery

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the problem with fruit is fructose which is easily metabolised so results in a sugar spike which is what you are trying to avoid - so tend to have high glycemic index - veg tends to be better.


Welcome to London, christinehennequin. As such nothing is wrong with the fruits. However, we the diabetics can not process carbohydrate including sugar as efficiently as non-diabetics.

Carbohydrate gives maximum rise in blood glucose followed by protein and the rise in blood glucose due to fat is the least. Therefore, it makes sense to consume low carbohydrate (including sugar), moderate protein and rest healthy fat to keep blood glucose level within acceptable limit.

One should avoid fruits with high sugar contents and consume low sugar fruits like berries in moderation.


Thank you to all three for sharing.

Personally, I much prefer Pravin's approach to diet. After all, how can anyone enjoy eating veggies (especially celery sticks) on a daily basis? For me , that would spell the end of my relationship with food. I love navel oranges and don't mind apples anymore. I guess I will have to reduce my consumption of bananas , tho.

I was told that this is THE fruit to avoid. I used to eat 4 or 5 a day b4 being diagnosed. Do you think one a week is too much?


Once a week is okay to have a banana, but it depends on if you're on any medications that could interact with them. I'm on blood pressure medications and I was told that I can't have bananas, grapefruit, regular oranges and/or goji berries. Bananas and regular oranges have too much potasium. Manderin oranges are okay, though. Goji berries can lower the blood sugars too low if you're a type 1 and on insulin shots. Type 2 diabetics use the goji berries to keep the numbers regulated, but I would also ask the doctor before eating more or less of a particular fruit/vegetable, first.


Thank you, Activity 2004. Will ask my gp.

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You're very welcome! Please let us know what your doctor says when you get the information.

Have a wonderful rest of your day/evening.


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