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Coming to terms with Diabetes Type 2

Coming to terms with Diabetes Type 2

1 was diagnosed with type 2 3 yrs ago. Stupidly tried to ignore it BUT back on track over last 4 months. Radical changes in diet plus bit more exercise & have lost 2 stone & counting & have got bsr down from high twenties to 6.6 today. Metformin made me ill so switched to Linaglipin -Ace! Would advise regular NHS retinopathy screening as its helping me. Only problem I have is how to combat the red hot-poker type burning on the soles of my feet! Any suggestions?

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Welcome to the group.  Please take a look at the website for Diabetes Research and Wellness and look at the information related to the feet.  Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

Hope this helps.


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