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Could this be a stroke? Please help.

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Around 3 months ago, I had an incident of high BP around 170-180/110. I felt some sensations in the left side of my brain, after which I had the following symptoms, which are persisting and still the same till even now:

1. trouble communicating. I could talk, but was pausing between words and not able to think properly. I was slightly confused. could not focus/concentrate. Can't think or speak as before....thinking/speaking is slow, unable to think clearly. there is also a catch in my vocal chords. At certain pitches, my voice cracks. It takes some effort to speak a lot too now.

2. legs extremely heavy, feel resistance while lifting them....have to walk very slowly and then get severely tired in just a few steps. right leg was more sore too.

3. such extreme weakness and fatigue which i have never had in my life before.

4. unsteadiness while walking, internal shaking and trembling throughout body sometimes.

5. brain fog, feel mentally weak, like the way you feel mentally when you haven't slept for many many days, you can't think or focus on anything. you feel exhausted in your head.

At the time this happened, I never suspected stroke because I thought it was only due to my high BP and was temporary, and my mind was also not clear. Also, I don't have a history of high bp and don't take any meds. Afterwards also i didnt have high bp. Only after around a month, I had this realization that since I still have trouble speaking and walking, and it all happened suddenly within a span of a few minutes right after a high bp incident, could I have had a stroke?

There is currently a very severe covid upsurge at my location, and even stepping out of the house will ensure getting covid 100% as this new strain is highly infectious and deaths are soaring. I am already so weak and live with my old mother, so can't risk getting it. Due to this, I could only consult a few doctors telephonically, some of which asked me to get brain MRI done, but which they themselves said is not advisable right away due to the present covid crisis. So they said I should get it done in the next opportunity. However, in the absence of MRI, they haven't made any diagnosis or prescribed any relevant medicine either.

In this situation, I just wanted to have an opinion if these symptoms sound like stroke.

Are there any supplements that i can take to aid in my cognitive/physical recovery and get back my previous level of cognition and talking? How can i get rid of the severe fatigue (both mental and physical) and the heavy legs? I am really scared because I am unable to do anything around the house even after 3 months due to the symptoms, which are severe. Will I recover fully or is this permanent.

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That sounds more like Ataxia rather than stroke. I've had stroke but ataxia came suddenly like you described and still have acute tiredness, dragging about and unable to steer myself, heavy legs etc etc 12 years now.

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