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Real Sad News


I suffered a 2nd stroke on the 16th Jun, but were unable to get help until the following afternoon due to the really bad thunderstorms that we were having as our phone signals were playing up

I was taken upto A&E, but was told by the doctor that I was going home & had an infection all because I had a raised temperature, but when they took it later on it was normal & the same when we took it the next am, also despite me being unable to do all that he asked for the stroke checks

We rung our doctors on the Thurs & got a callback, after a chat was asked to go in for a checkup to where it was confirmed what 111,the ambulance crew & A&E nurses thought who were trying to get me a bed on the Stroke Ward, but they were overruled

It has affected my rightside yet again, but abit worse than last time & my speech can play up when it wants to. Right now I'm having to stay in bed alot as I'm really unsteady on my feet

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Oh wow so sorry this recurred- sending hugs, stay strong and continue to do your best💙

Thanks, I am & it ain't very much right now especially with my leg, my arm & hand ain't so bad, but I've noticed the difference from before the 2nd stroke. What my husband & I are worried about is that the clot is still up there

You are on anticoagulation med, correct? More than just aspirin i hope

Yes I am on Colidergil & now on a Statin as well which I was told I should have been on after my 1st stroke

What is colidergil?

Wittycjt in reply to Wittycjt

I tried googling it without success

Sorry I spelt it wrong, I'm hopeless when it comes to spelling tablets, it starts with Clop, but can't remember how the rest of it goes

Clopidogrel is an anti coagulant ... ie blood thinner

Yes, that's the 1 I was put on last Dec after my 2nd minor stroke, have now been put on a Statin as well which I should have been on after my stroke in Jan

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