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Different Strokes
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White matter hyperintensities on MRI

Bit worried today. Had ischaemic stroke, in August 2018, following AF, (now on anticoagulants) and have a suspicion that maybe I had some very minor ones before (a few times I had balance issues, and anxiety and depression. They are all ok now, but started about the same time as my AF.

My MRI in August 18 showed white matter hyperintensities, and I have a follow up one to check these white bits again.

I'm having a bit of a panic that I might have vascular dementia coming. I'm 53.

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I doubt it... have you had periods of confusion or forgetfulness? Have others expressed concern of your mental aptitude? When is your fu?


I've had 3 strokes starting in 2013 and multiple strokes that I've been unaware of that show up on MRI and have loads of white matter showing on Mri so thought the same so had a long discussion with my GP about it. He says he thinks it unlikely as I've shown no deterioration since my strokes, my memory is excellent and he says you can't tell who's going to get dementia until they do. There's no point stressing about things you can't change anyway.

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