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Hi guys; I left this forum some time ago as a significant number of posts were links to YouTube without any discussion; that seems to have changed. I'm John, 72 years of age, and I had a stroke without FAST indicators in July 2016. I have right sided homonymous hemianopia (blind on the right hand side), but I haven't had other disability issues and my memory has just about recovered. I lead an active life despite the DVLA Medical Group revoking my group 1 licence and an interesting medical history; I'm just about to add to that with a prostate biopsy.

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Sorry to hear of your stroke. Hi snd welcome back do you have APS? Did you have a concern you wanted to address?

I don't have APS. I left HealthUnlocked some time ago as I was followed by a troll on one forum, and Different Strokes was no longer a forum for discussion. HealthUnlocked recently asked me if I would do a 200 word back story for them to use on their social media platforms, and I thought therefore that I should re-join. There was a question in this forum on DVLA revoking driving licences and I have quite a bit of background on that subject so I replied. In December 2016 I was featured in a video for Boehringer Ingelheim on anticoagulants for people with AF; I was advised by an EP not to take an anticoagulant and 18 months later I had a stroke that has left me vision impaired. That video was only available to clinicians in the UK and USA. This week I've signed a release document that I hope will place that video in the public domain and available to the Atrial Fibrillation Association: Trudie Lobban and I had a short email discussion on the subject about a year ago.

Concerns: not enough being done to detect AF in the population; DVLA withholding information on refresher lessons for group 1 drivers whose licence has been revoked due a horizontal field of less than 120 degrees; an ambulance crew who can't diagnose a stroke because there aren't FAST indicators; second year medical students who've never heard of FAST indicators (I'm a mystery patient for medical students).

On the plus side: I have a great GP and my urology oncology nurse is warm, informative and the ideal person for anyone with concerns about cancer.

How's that for an introduction?!

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