Return to driving after hemianopia?

The DVLA say that exceptionally, group 1 drivers who have had their licence revoked because they did not meet the field eyesight standard, may be considered for relicensing subject to a number of strict criteria. Has anyone successfully regained their licence?

The document that I'm referring to is Gov.UK guidance "Visual disorders: assessing fitness to drive", 12 March 2016, page 3, "Exceptional cases".

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  • You have :)

  • Good day young sir! I have had my eyesight retested and the visual acuity is 6/6 - equivalent to 20/20 - in one eye and 6/7.5 in the other. With 6/6 it means that I can read the bottom line on an optician's chart. However, I'm still blind on the right side with each eye. Confused? It means that my eyesight is fine but my brain doesn't translate the vision from the right hand side of each eye. Weirdly, I could legally drive with one eye if I had 6/6 or 6/7.5 vision and had 120 degrees horizontal vision with no significant issues in the central field of vision.

    Having driven the Castle Coombe circuit to the current driving test standard (not going over 44 mph), and the eyesight test, I've applied to the DVLA Medical Group for a driving assessment. It can take up to eight weeks to hear back. This week I was looking longingly at a low mileage BMW 330D at a local dealer but it's best not to get my hopes up.

  • Young. lol

    People don't believe me when I tell them about that ganglion thingy that mixes up our eyesight. O level biology that was. Clever but weird stuff.

    I wish you all the luck in (and out of) the Universe getting the driving back, I'm a week away from having a brand new black on black 150 bhp VW Polo to call Motabilities (first) then mine.

    You said something about, about, er lol I forget.

    Grumpiness and old age have got a lot to answer for.

  • It''s a funny old world when legislation decides if you are safe to drive. We have a friend with MS who voluntarily gave up driving, but she was deemed safe to use an electric impulse to raise her leg to the brake pedal. I've also just seen a near neighbour walking slowly with two sticks and bent over, to drive a normal manual car. I on the other hand can row 5km on a Concept 2 then do 20 minutes on a Spin bike including brief fast cadence up to 140 rpm. The other two are deemed safe to drive because DVLA do not require reaction time and brake pedal pressure to be tested, whereas I'm seen as unsafe. That''s not to say that I am safe despite 6/6 and 6/7.5 visual accuity, but maybe reaction time should be part of the assessment to drive for all ages.

    Of course this post could be a sign of grumpiness in old age! 😊

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