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Hello, I am new here!


I have several long standing health problems and am a 24/7 carer for my husband who had a massive cerebral hemorrhage nearly 3 years ago. He wasn’t expected to survive. Despite being left with physical disabilities, we have a lovely life and are very glad to still have each other after 53 years of marriage. Humor, counting our blessings, family help us cope when things get a little tough.

Keeping well informed about our health issues helps me to provide the best possible up-to-date care.

If I can help anyone else going through a stroke through my experience in caring for my husband and as an retired NHS nurse, I will be happy to do so. I would also like to benefit from other people’s experiences as a stroke survivor or ones caring for a loved one with this condition.

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Hi, welcome. Please click on my face then click “read more” on my bio to learn about me. Cindy

It is lovely to read such a positive post. Well done for achieving so much in the face of adversity.

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