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Different Strokes
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Nephew with Stroke Seems Like He's Giving Up

Hi, My nephew who is in his early 40's had a heart attack. Had 5 blocked arteries. After the surgery he had a stroke and his left side mouth, arm and leg are affected. His heart and brain are ok but it seems like his body is not cooperating like he is just giving up. When they sit him in the chair his blood pressure drops and he gets very dizzy almost to a faint. Also, he has had pneumonia aspirating on his mucus. He does have a gtube where he gets fed. Not sure what to do. It is heartbreaking to see him like this. When we visit he raises his hand or shakes it hello and recognizes us but then just looks up at the ceiling. Won't even watch TV. Thought I would come here as someone may have gone through this.

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Hi Tiger

How long ago was this? Any type of recovery with brain injury takes an awful long time.

Is he receivibg any physiotherapy yet. Your nephews specialists are the people to converse with on his prognosis.

They will never give false hope but will be able to guide tou with things that can help him.

TV may be confusing for him at the the moment, brain injury can scramble all brain he sights and sounds around you , in many instances the brain takes a while to start to make sense of the world around. Like a baby, often the brain is trying to reroute pathways around the damaged sections.

I couldnt read , and still prefer not to wheras before i would read constantly.

Hope and time is what is needed.

Janet x


Thank you so much Kirk5w7 for your comments. It happened on New Year's Eve 2018 a month ago. He has had so many complications we are trying to get the nursing home where he is doing rehab to get him physiotherapy. I believe he really needs this! Your words are comforting. We keep encouraging him and supporting him.


Maybe he is experiencing auditory aphasia?


It's still very early days for him and tbf none of us recover in a predictable way. Sounds like he had a pretty major stroke if he's still in hospital. He can't control his blood pressure dropping so not really sure why you think he's giving up. Trying to recover is such hard work and leaves you feeling completely exhausted in a way you've never felt before. Maybe you could ask his doctors what you can do for him to help and push them to start Physio. I don't know how much movement he has but the quicker he gets his limbs moving the better.

I hope he starts to recover soon.


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