Ken Barlow can we swap?

Is anyone else annoyed with the portrayal of a stroke in Coronation Street? Ken Barlow is back from hospital after only two or three weeks. He can understand speech and communicate reasonably well. He can also walk and freely move both his arms. I would gladly swap mine for his! I do think the speed and nature of his recovery are quite misleading and wonder where the programme makers got their information.

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  • No because lots of people are not totally wiped out by a stroke and that FAST advert is so misleading. Even if your stroke doesn't leave you with a drooping face and unable to lift your arms and slurred speech you still need urgent treatment. I had none of those symptoms, was home alone so didn't bother to call an ambulance and I should have done but no one had ever said walking into door frames and kicking stairs was a symptom. We need better education.

    I was out of Hospital in 4 days after my second stroke, I never lost the ability to walk and talk and communicate extremely well. I'm sure if your stroke was more catastrophic you may think all strokes are but that's simply not true. Yes I have been left with impairments but most people would never know unless I choose to tell them.

  • I understand what you mean about education but I still think it would have bee bettern if there had been more contextual information. From the stroke survivors I have met so far I think that my difficulties are fairly average in that I have just about managed to get back on my feet albeit unsteadily and have no use whatsoever in my left upper limb. They could have made some of this clear through discussions with the medics and family. I would give anything to be able to use my left arm again for any useful purpose.

  • I think it's a rubbish story so far tbh but strokes come in all sorts of disguises, for me going blind as a result of a stroke would be the worst thing I could think of. I was incredibly fit before it happened, had no health issues and no lifestyle issues. When I was in the hospital stroke unit there were a whole range issues the patients were dealing with from being completely helpless, being unable to eat but violent with the staff and myself and one other who were walking, talking and what they called self caring. My left arm and left leg both have issues, I constantly drop things I think I'm holding so I use my right hand instead, so my left arm appears completely normal. If I transfer weight to my left leg it vibrates/trembles uncontrollably so I try to make sure I distribute my weight evenly. I also have a degree of foot drop on the left.

    Trouble is everyone seems to think strokes only affect old people and that is so not true. I wish that fast ad would be updated and show a young person and none of those symptoms that everyone already recognises as a stroke.

  • Yes I was fit and healthy before my stroke. I knew I" high normal" blood pressure and told my GP I didn't want to fret about my health all the time. I really wish I had fretted about the BP as had a been medicated then I might not be in the state I am now. No one escapes a visit to my house without a lecture about their blood pressure! Programs like Coronation Street have an ideal opportunity to educate people and they don't always make the most of it. I agree with you about eyesight but the stroke stories that really terrify me are those where people end up with locked in syndrome. I'm just hoping that it's true that recovery can continue and that I will improve beyond my current state.

  • Completely agree about the FAST adverts. I had a brain stem stroke almost a year ago. I have Wallenberg Syndrome which is the name for this type of stroke. I had never heard of it before and am so surprised at the amount of younger people who suffer.

  • I had to look that up as I'd never heard of it.

  • after one year i still have a little weekness on left hand side but iiiiiiiit isnt very noticeable still dtrugle getting dressed in the morning as it only my 26 year old son and 3 year old gran daughter that stay with me and a wouldnt ask him to help as a no it would embaress both of us although i find it hard and it takes a bit longer i do get there as i still have my stuborn streak whitch has helpt me to do so well as no one would no i had a stroke unless i told them have been asked a few times do i have a sore leg and i normally say no i had a stroke as i think it better to be honest,and strokes can effect even small children as i had a frend whoms babt had a stroke at 9 months old ,a think a lot of things have been missed in adverts and TV programs all we can do is keep trying even on the bad days they do get fewer as time goes on at the start i was fed up hearing it takes time but a guess it does got out of hospital xmas eve whitch wasnt the best time as every thing was closed and hospital said they would be in touch still waiting as never happened any help i have had to find for my self as they must have forgot about me even benifits i had to fight for my self whitch i new nothing about for first 6 month it took that long for me to start thinking mabe a can get some helpso lost 6 months money as they do not back date things so a must just be unlucky think it was just all the hassle of xmas if u havent look in to getting help go on to money matters in most health centres

  • I too have difficulty getting dressed. Regarding asking your son fotr help. My son is 45 and would be hapoy to do anything for me. Perhaps your problem is less embarrassment but more coming to terms with role revsrsal. All the best and i am hopeful your son loves you S much as younlove him. Family is the best.

  • althogh myson is26 he still does ent fully understand as he does very little helpind thinks i can still do as i did before as i try not to make it obviouse that i cant all in all i am doing really well even if i do say so my self just need to stop trying to do things to fast that as been a problem since the stroke a was allways getting told to slow down the four weeks in hospital the ots kept telling me to try slow down must have been some of the damage that was done my left side i can use althogh have a lot of pain in my left shoulder docs have given me 3 diffrent pain killers that help a little /well done u for giving the computer a try at your age we will never keep up with tecnoligy bring on the driverless cars

  • I also cannot hold things with my left hand without dropping them but am getting better the more i try. I also was fiyt before my stroke although i am 74. I walked a mile. Day with the dog. I havent bern able to take him out since the stroke 7 months ago. Mynlegs are weak and unsteady. I agree education would be of great help all thebest for the future.

  • I had a full stroke with none of the FAST indicators. I spent 30 hours in hospital and 5 of those hours were waiting for medication during which time I had 15 minutes occupational therapy adjusting to be partially blind. The acute stroke section were under a lot of pressure that day. I did have an emegency CT follow up because a possible TIA three weeks later caused a bleed. There wasn't any other formal follow up until I contacted the hospital to ask for advice on exercise. I had quite a bit of confusion and the self-prescribed mental therapy was completely rebuilding two computers. I have an excellent Consultant Neurologist but it feels as though the NHS is struggling against the tide when it comes to strokes and after-care.

    Here's hoping that stem cell therapy is judged to be suitable for stroke patients.

  • We could be much worse off than we are that's for sure. Stick with it and hopefully you'll get further improvements x

  • it nearly the year from the day that my night mare megan was just back from holiday 22nov and watching my 2 year old gran daughter when i went to the bathroom and fell did nt relize untill24 nov that i had a stroke thought i had a holiday bug as i was sick everywhere,went into hospital24 nov got out on xmas eve with no help of any kind was told hospital would be in contact after holiday sesson still waiting struggled on and to be honest doing well even if i do say so my self still have a bit of a linmp and problems with my left shoulder /and still not allowed to drive went back to work and made a mess of it as i now no i went back far to soon and just made things worse as i work in home care they are saying a would be a health and safty the time went back to work as works doc says i should even thogh my own gp had said no at the time i thought as he was a works doc i had to go back or i would nt have a job .now works doc is saying wait 6 month wish they would make there mind up keep getting told diffrent things and starting to get flustrated again one minit they saying give yourself the year and next sayingwait 6 more month ,a think he should have said see me again after 22 nov no some time next year feel i am in limbo as cant move on

  • Cheers, you too. I keep trying to stay positive and hoping....

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm very greatful for the FAST adverts as 3 yrs ago I was going about my merry way

    After blackberry picking , do remember having a terrible headache, got home & wham my leg arm & speech were affected my quick acting daughter checked my reflexes & I couldn't lift arm up totally dead it was , all I remember is laughing at top of my voice ( for no apparent reason , she said to hubby 999

    If it wasn't for her quick response god knows where I'd be today ,

    I fully regained all strength in my arm & leg , speech returned after 20 mins

    But suffer a lot a trigamental Neuralgia


    It's a frightening thing ,

    I was diagnosed with a very Rare blood Cancer ET ( MPN ) my platelets over produce, resulting ( thick Blood ) x

    I'm 54 now ,

    Pam x

  • I had my stroke in 2014 and still cannot use my left arm very well so agree with you. Another thing that annoyed me not to do with the stroke but with the burns story. If her burns were that bad on her legs why were the bedcovers covering her legs there should have beeb a cage over her legs to stop the covers catching them.

  • And another thing lol why does she keep using her crutches back to front?

  • Yeah but doesn't everyone know the classic signs of a stroke it's the less known ones we need educating on. I have two blood clotting disorders ( greedy or what?) both make my blood too thick and prone to clotting, trouble is like most I was blissfully unaware until after my second stroke.

    Like Elizabeth said even babies have strokes, yet how many people know that? Most of us only know the FAST symptoms so why do we need an advert telling us to act surely anyone would act in those circumstances.

  • I ont warch the programme but must agree with you in part. After my stroke i spent six weeks in hospital. Ut imwas lucky i only hd no movement ib my left arm which is almost back to normal after 7 months. Maybe the programme is trying to give people hope. I hop bhe is followed wing his physio it certainly is essential. Good luck to you